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Last verified: Thursday, 25. April 2024 at 08:17 AM

Israel Travel Advisory

Warning Level Icon Please reconsider your need to travel to Israel

Local Situation: 4.2 / 5

Please reconsider your need to travel to Israel. We detected travel advisories from 6 sources for this specific country.

Regional Situation: 4.0 / 5

Israel shares a land border with 5 neighbouring states. For this region of countries (including Israel), the Advisory Index is 4 (average value over all countries). All countries have some reported advisories: Syria (5), Lebanon (4.1), Palestinian Territory (4), Egypt with 3.4 and Jordan with 3.2 (of 5).

Current informationen on Covid-19 in Israel

There are currently no officially reported cases of infections with SARS-CoV-2 (or Coronavirus) in Israel. As reported by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control this morning (~8:30am CET).

There are currently no officially reported deaths related to this disease in Israel.


Advice scoring history for Israel

Chart of the risk level over that last 200 days. This is the daily calculated travel risk for Israel.

Chart of the number of sources over that last 200 days. This is the daily number of advisory sources (of any rating) that have been active on that day.

Note: Changes happening on the 28th/29th of July 2019 are related to a change in the software and number of sources processed.

Rating Details (single travel warnings)

These are the individual advisories published by other countries about the destination Israel from a travellers perspective. The scoring of all messages combined is the foundation for the current rating 4.2 out of 5.0.

Warning Level Icon Danger level: 0 - Travel is usually safe.

This is the general advisory usually covering the country as a whole.

Advisory issued by: United States

Flag of United States

Updated with information on travel restrictions for U.S. government employees under Chief of Mission security responsibility.  Do Not Travel To: Gaza due to terrorism and armed conflict Reconsider Travel To: Israel due to terrorism and civil unrest West Bank due to terrorism and civil unrest Country Summary: Terrorist ...


Warning Level Icon Danger level: 5 - Do not travel.

This is the general advisory usually covering the country as a whole.

Advisory issued by: New Zealand

Flag of New Zealand

Do not travel to Israel due to the unpredictable security situation (level 4 of 4). Do not travel to the occupied Palestinian territory of Gaza (including the waters off Gaza) due to the unpredictable security situation, threat of kidnapping and potential for military operations (level 4 of 4). New Zealanders currently in Gaza are advised to depart as soon ...


Warning Level Icon Danger level: 4 - Reconsider travelling.

This is the general advisory usually covering the country as a whole.

Advisory issued by: Cyprus

Flag of Cyprus

Avoid all travel to certain areas


Warning Level Icon Danger level: 4 - Reconsider travelling.

This is the general advisory usually covering the country as a whole.

Advisory issued by: Finland

Flag of Finland

Undvik icke nödvändiga resor - Undvik resor som inte är nödvändiga. Irans anfall mot Israel den 14 april 2024 ökade spänningen ytterligare i regionen och kan öka säkerhetsriskerna i ett stort område i Mellanöstern. Den rådande situationen kan påverka flygförbindelserna och möjligheterna att lämna landet. Jenin och Nablus: undvik resor som inte ...


Warning Level Icon Danger level: 5 - Do not travel.

This is the general advisory usually covering the country as a whole.

Advisory issued by: Germany

Flag of Germany

Israel: Reise- und Sicherheitshinweise (Palästinensische Gebiete - Gazastreifen) (Reisewarnung). The German government advises againt travelling this country.


Individual rating changes for Israel

This is the recent history of individual changes of travel advices that affected the total asessment of Israel. Most recent events first.

Changes from September 28th 2020

The total rating for Israel changed from 3.5 to 3.7. Here are the influencing details:

Flag of Austria

The Austrian government issued a new warning for Israel with a rating of 5.0.

Changes from March 18th 2020

The total rating for Israel changed from 3.3 to 3.5. Here are the influencing details:

Flag of Ireland

The Irish government increased their existing warning for Israel to 4.0 (of 5.0) from the previous rating of 3.0 (by +1.0).

Changes from March 14th 2020

The total rating for Israel changed from 3.0 to 3.3. Here are the influencing details:

Flag of United States

The United States government increased their existing warning for Israel to 4.0 (of 5.0) from the previous rating of 2.0 (by +2.0).

Changes from March 13th 2020

The total rating for Israel changed from 2.8 to 3.0. Here are the influencing details:

Flag of Finland

The Finnish government increased their existing warning for Israel to 3.0 (of 5.0) from the previous rating of 2.0 (by +1.0).

Changes from March 11th 2020

The total rating for Israel changed from 2.7 to 2.8. Here are the influencing details:

Flag of Denmark

The Danish government increased their existing warning for Israel to 4.0 (of 5.0) from the previous rating of 3.0 (by +1.0).

Changes from September 25th 2019

The total rating for Israel changed from 0.0 to 0.0. Here are the influencing details:

Flag of United States

The United States government issued a new warning for Israel with a rating of 2.0.

Flag of New Zealand

The New Zealand government issued a new warning for Israel with a rating of 2.0.

Flag of Cyprus

The Cypriot government issued a new warning for Israel with a rating of 4.0.

Flag of Ireland

The Irish government issued a new warning for Israel with a rating of 3.0.

Flag of Finland

The Finnish government issued a new warning for Israel with a rating of 2.0.

Flag of Denmark

The Danish government issued a new warning for Israel with a rating of 3.0.

About Israel

Israel with its capital Jerusalem is a country in Asia (Western Asia), slightly larger than New Jersey (20,770 km²). The country is located Middle East, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Egypt and Lebanon. The climate can be described as temperate; hot and dry in southern and eastern desert areas. The landscape is Negev desert in the south; low coastal plain; central mountains; Jordan Rift Valley. With a population of about 6.5 million citizens.

Israeli flag

Flag of Israel

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Basic Statistics and Facts

Topic Value
Capital Jerusalem
Population about 6.5 million
Size 20.770 km²
Size comparable to slightly larger than New Jersey
Common languages !O!ung, !Xóõ, 'Are'are, 'Auhelawa, //Ani, //Gana, //Xegwi, /Gwi, /Xam, =/Hua, =/Kx'au//'ein, A'ou, A-Pucikwar, Aari, Aasáx, Abadi, Abaga, Abai Sungai, Abanyom, Abar, Abau, Abaza, Abé, Abellen Ayta, Abidji, Abinomn, Abipon, Abishira, Abom, Abon, Abron, Abu, Abu' Arapesh, Abua, Abui, Abun, Abure, Abureni, Acatepec Me'phaa, Achagua, Achang, Aché, Ache, Acheron, Achi, Achinese, Achterhoeks, Achuar-Shiwiar, Achumawi, Acoli, Acroá, Adabe, Adai, Adamawa Fulfulde, Adamorobe Sign Language, Adang, Adangbe, Adangme, Adap, Adara, Adasen, Adele, Adhola, Adi, Adilabad Gondi, Adioukrou, Adithinngithigh, Adivasi Oriya, Adiwasi Garasia, Adnyamathanha, Adonara, Aduge, Adyghe, Adzera, Aeka, Aekyom, Aequian, Aer, Afade, Afghan Sign Language, Afitti, Afrihili, Afro-Asiatic languages, Afro-Seminole Creole, Agarabi, Agariya, Agatu, Agavotaguerra, Aghem, Aghu, Aghu Tharnggalu, Aghu-Tharnggala, Aghul, Aghwan, Agi, Agob, Agoi, Aguacateco, Aguano, Aguaruna, Aguna, Agusan Manobo, Agutaynen, Agwagwune, Àhàn, Ahanta, Aheri Gondi, Aheu, Ahirani, Ahom, Ahtena, Ahwai, Ai-Cham, Aighon, Aikanã, Aiklep, Aimaq, Aimele, Aimol, Ainbai, Ainu (China), Ainu (Japan), Aiome, Airoran, Aiton, Aja (Benin), Aja (Sudan), Ajawa, Ajië, Ajumbu, Ajyíninka Apurucayali, Ak, Aka, Aka-Bea, Aka-Bo, Aka-Cari, Aka-Jeru, Aka-Kede, Aka-Kol, Aka-Kora, Akar-Bale, Akaselem, Akawaio, Ake, Akebu, Akei, Akeu, Akha, Akhvakh, Akkadian, Akkala Sami, Aklanon, Akolet, Akoose, Akoye, Akpa, Akpes, Akrukay, Akukem, Akuku, Akum, Akuntsu, Akurio, Akwa, Akyaung Ari Naga, Al-Sayyid Bedouin Sign Language, Alaba-K’abeena, Alabama, Alabat Island Agta, Alacatlatzala Mixtec, Alago, Alagwa, Alak, Alamblak, Alangan, Alanic, Alapmunte, Alawa, Albanian Sign Language, Alcozauca Mixtec, Alege, Alekano, Aleut, Algerian Arabic, Algerian Saharan Arabic, Algerian Sign Language, Algonquian languages, Algonquin, Ali, Alladian, Allar, Alngith, Alo Phola, Aloápam Zapotec, Alor, Alsea, Altaic languages, Alu Kurumba, Alugu, Alumu-Tesu, Alune, Aluo, Alur, Alutor, Alviri-Vidari, Alyawarr, Ama (Papua New Guinea), Ama (Sudan), Amahai, Amahuaca, Amaimon, Amal, Amanab, Amanayé, Amara, Amarakaeri, Amarasi, Amatlán Zapotec, Amba (Solomon Islands), Amba (Uganda), Ambai, Ambakich, Ambala Ayta, Ambelau, Ambele, Amblong, Ambo, Ambo-Pasco Quechua, Ambonese Malay, Ambrak, Ambul, Ambulas, Amdang, Amdo Tibetan, Amele, American Sign Language, Amganad Ifugao, Ami, Amis, Amo, Amol, Amoltepec Mixtec, Ampanang, Ampari Dogon, Amri Karbi, Amto, Amundava, Amurdak, Ana Tinga Dogon, Anaang, Anakalangu, Anal, Anam, Anambé, Anamgura, Anasi, Áncá, Ancient Greek (to 1453), Ancient Hebrew, Ancient Macedonian, Ancient North Arabian, Ancient Zapotec, Andaandi, Andai, Andajin, Andalusian Arabic, Andaman Creole Hindi, Andaqui, Andarum, Andegerebinha, Andh, Andi, Andio, Andoa, Andoque, Andra-Hus, Aneityum, Anem, Aneme Wake, Anfillo, Angaataha, Angaité, Angal, Angal Enen, Angal Heneng, Angami Naga, Angguruk Yali, Angika, Angkamuthi, Anglo-Norman, Angloromani, Angolar, Angor, Angoram, Angosturas Tunebo, Anguthimri, Ani Phowa, Anii, Animere, Anindilyakwa, Anjam, Ankave, Anmatyerre, Anong, Anor, Anserma, Ansus, Antakarinya, Antankarana Malagasy, Antigua and Barbuda Creole English, Anu-Hkongso Chin, Anuak, Anufo, Anuki, Anus, Anuta, Anyin, Anyin Morofo, Ao Naga, Aoheng, Aore, Ap Ma, Apache languages, Apalachee, Apalaí, Apali, Apasco-Apoala Mixtec, Apatani, Apiaká, Apinayé, Apma, Aproumu Aizi, Apurinã, Aputai, Aquitanian, Arabana, Arabela, Araki, Arakwal, Aralle-Tabulahan, Aramanik, Arammba, Aranadan, Aranama-Tamique, Arandai, Araona, Arapaho, Arapaso, Ararandewára, Arawak, Araweté, Arawum, Arbëreshë Albanian, Arbore, Archi, Ardhamāgadhī Prākrit, Are, Areba, Arem, Arequipa-La Unión Quechua, Argentine Sign Language, Argobba, Arguni, Arhâ, Arhö, Arhuaco, Ari, Aribwatsa, Aribwaung, Arifama-Miniafia, Arigidi, Arikapú, Arikara, Arikem, Arin, Aringa, Arma, Armazic, Armenian Sign Language, Arop-Lokep, Arop-Sissano, Arosi, Arpitan, Arritinngithigh, Arta, Artificial languages, Aruá (Amazonas State), Aruá (Rodonia State), Aruamu, Aruek, Aruop, Arutani, Arvanitika Albanian, As, Asaro'o, Asas, Asháninka, Ashe, Ashéninka Pajonal, Ashéninka Perené, Ashkun, Asho Chin, Ashtiani, Asilulu, Askopan, Asoa, Assan, Assangori, Assiniboine, Assyrian Neo-Aramaic, Asturian, Asu (Nigeria), Asu (Tanzania), Asue Awyu, Asumboa, Asunción Mixtepec Zapotec, Asuri, Ata, Ata Manobo, Atakapa, Atampaya, Atatláhuca Mixtec, Atayal, Atemble, Athapascan languages, Athpariya, Ati, Atikamekw, Atohwaim, Atong (Cameroon), Atong (India), Atorada, Atsahuaca, Atsam, Atsugewi, Attapady Kurumba, Attié, Atzingo Matlatzinca, Au, Aulua, Aurá, Aushi, Aushiri, Austral, Australian Aborigines Sign Language, Australian languages, Australian Sign Language, Austrian Sign Language, Austronesian languages, Auwe, Auye, Auyokawa, Avá-Canoeiro, Avatime, Avau, Avikam, Avokaya, Awa (China), Awa (Papua New Guinea), Awa-Cuaiquer, Awabakal, Awad Bing, Awadhi, Awak, Awar, Awara, Awbono, Aweer, Awera, Awetí, Awing, Awiyaana, Awjilah, Awngi, Awngthim, Awtuw, Awu, Awun, Awutu, Awyi, Axamb, Axi Yi, Ayabadhu, Ayacucho Quechua, Ayautla Mazatec, Ayere, Ayerrerenge, Ayi (China), Ayi (Papua New Guinea), Ayiwo, Ayizi, Ayizo Gbe, Ayoquesco Zapotec, Ayoreo, Ayu, Ayutla Mixtec, Azha, Azhe, Azoyú Me'phaa, Baan, Baangi, Baatonum, Baba, Baba Malay, Babalia Creole Arabic, Babango, Babanki, Babatana, Babine, Babuza, Bacama, Bacanese Malay, Bactrian, Bada (Indonesia), Bada (Nigeria), Badaga, Bade, Badeshi, Bädi Kanum, Badimaya, Badjiri, Badui, Badyara, Baeggu, Baelelea, Baetora, Bafanji, Bafaw-Balong, Bafia, Bafut, Baga Kaloum, Baga Koga, Baga Manduri, Baga Mboteni, Baga Pokur, Baga Sitemu, Baga Sobané, Bagheli, Bagirmi, Bagirmi Fulfulde, Bago-Kusuntu, Bagri, Bagupi, Bagusa, Bagvalal, Baha Buyang, Baham, Bahamas Creole English, Baharna Arabic, Bahau, Bahinemo, Bahing, Bahnar, Bahonsuai, Bai, Baibai, Baikeno, Baima, Baimak, Bainouk-Gunyaamolo, Bainouk-Gunyuño, Bainouk-Samik, Baiso, Baissa Fali, Bajan, Bajelani, Baka (Cameroon), Baka (Sudan), Bakairí, Bakaka, Bakhtiari, Baki, Bakoko, Bakole, Bakpinka, Bakumpai, Bakwé, Balaesang, Balangao, Balangingi, Balanta-Ganja, Balanta-Kentohe, Balantak, Balau, Baldemu, Bali (Democratic Republic of Congo), Bali (Nigeria), Balinese, Balinese Malay, Balkan Gagauz Turkish, Balkan Romani, Balo, Baloi, Balti, Baltic languages, Baltic Romani, Baluan-Pam, Baluchi, Bamako Sign Language, Bamali, Bambalang, Bambam, Bambassi, Bambili-Bambui, Bamenyam, Bamileke languages, Bamu, Bamukumbit, Bamun, Bamunka, Bamwe, Ban Khor Sign Language, Bana, Banao Itneg, Banaro, Banda (Indonesia), Banda languages, Banda Malay, Banda-Bambari, Banda-Banda, Banda-Mbrès, Banda-Ndélé, Banda-Yangere, Bandi, Bandial, Bandjalang, Bandjigali, Bangala, Bangandu, Bangba, Banggai, Banggarla, Bangi, Bangime, Bangka, Bangolan, Bangubangu, Bangwinji, Baniva, Baniwa, Banjar, Bankagooma, Bankal, Bankan Tey Dogon, Bankon, Bannoni, Bantawa, Bantayanon, Bantik, Bantoanon, Bantu (Other), Baoulé, Bara Malagasy, Baraamu, Barababaraba, Barai, Barakai, Baram Kayan, Barama, Barambu, Baramu, Barapasi, Baras, Barasana-Eduria, Barbacoas, Barbaram, Barbareño, Barclayville Grebo, Bardi, Baré, Barein, Bargam, Bari, Barí, Bariai, Bariji, Barikanchi, Barikewa, Barok, Barombi, Barro Negro Tunebo, Barrow Point, Baruga, Baruya, Barwe, Barzani Jewish Neo-Aramaic, Basa (Cameroon), Basa (Nigeria), Basa-Gumna, Basa-Gurmana, Basap, Basay, Bashkardi, Basketo, Bassa, Bassa-Kontagora, Bassari, Bassossi, Bata, Batad Ifugao, Batak, Batak Alas-Kluet, Batak Angkola, Batak Dairi, Batak Karo, Batak languages, Batak Mandailing, Batak Simalungun, Batak Toba, Batanga, Batek, Bateri, Bathari, Bati (Cameroon), Bati (Indonesia), Bats, Batu, Batui, Batuley, Batyala, Bau, Bau Bidayuh, Bauchi, Baure, Bauria, Bauwaki, Bauzi, Bavarian, Bawm Chin, Bay Miwok, Bayali, Baybayanon, Baygo, Bayono, Bayot, Bayungu, Bazigar, Beami, Beaver, Beba, Bebele, Bebeli, Bebil, Bedjond, Bedoanas, Beeke, Beele, Beembe, Beezen, Befang, Beja, Bekati', Bekwarra, Bekwel, Belait, Belanda Bor, Belanda Viri, Belhariya, Beli (Papua New Guinea), Beli (Sudan), Belize Kriol English, Bella Coola, Bellari, Bemba (Democratic Republic of Congo), Bemba (Zambia), Bembe, Ben Tey Dogon, Bena (Nigeria), Bena (Tanzania), Benabena, Bench, Bende, Bendi, Beng, Benga, Benggoi, Bengkala Sign Language, Bentong, Benyadu', Beothuk, Bepour, Bera, Berakou, Berau Malay, Berber languages, Berbice Creole Dutch, Berik, Berinomo, Berom, Berta, Berti, Besisi, Besme, Besoa, Betaf, Betawi, Bete, Bete-Bendi, Beti (Côte d'Ivoire), Betta Kurumba, Bezhta, Bhadrawahi, Bhalay, Bharia, Bhatola, Bhatri, Bhattiyali, Bhaya, Bhele, Bhilali, Bhili, Bhojpuri, Bhoti Kinnauri, Bhujel, Bhunjia, Biafada, Biage, Biak, Biali, Bian Marind, Biangai, Biao, Biao Mon, Biao-Jiao Mien, Biatah Bidayuh, Bibbulman, Bidhawal, Bidiyo, Bidyara, Bidyogo, Biem, Bierebo, Bieria, Biete, Big Nambas, Biga, Bigambal, Bijori, Bikaru, Bikol, Bikya, Bila, Bilakura, Bilaspuri, Bilba, Bilbil, Bile, Bilin, Bilma Kanuri, Biloxi, Bilua, Bilur, Bima, Bimin, Bimoba, Bina (Nigeria), Bina (Papua New Guinea), Binahari, Binandere, Bindal, Bine, Bini, Binji, Binongan Itneg, Bintauna, Bintulu, Binukid, Binumarien, Bipi, Birale, Birao, Birgit, Birhor, Biri, Biritai, Birked, Birri, Birrpayi, Birwa, Biseni, Bishnupriya, Bishuo, Bisis, Bisorio, Bissa, Bisu, Bit, Bitare, Bitur, Biwat, Biyo, Biyom, Blablanga, Blafe, Blagar, Blang, Blissymbols, Bo (Laos), Bo (Papua New Guinea), Bo-Rukul, Bo-Ung, Boano (Maluku), Boano (Sulawesi), Bobongko, Bobot, Bodo (Central African Republic), Bodo (India), Bodo Gadaba, Bodo Parja, Bofi, Boga, Bogaya, Boghom, Boguru, Bohtan Neo-Aramaic, Boikin, Bokha, Boko (Benin), Boko (Democratic Republic of Congo), Bokobaru, Bokoto, Bokyi, Bola, Bolango, Bole, Bolgarian, Bolgo, Bolia, Bolinao, Bolivian Sign Language, Bolo, Boloki, Bolon, Bolondo, Bolongan, Bolyu, Bom, Boma, Bomboli, Bomboma, Bomitaba, Bomu, Bomwali, Bon Gula, Bonan, Bondei, Bondo, Bondoukou Kulango, Bondum Dom Dogon, Bonerate, Bonerif, Bonggi, Bonggo, Bongili, Bongo, Bongu, Bonjo, Bonkeng, Bonkiman, Bontok, Bookan, Boon, Boor, Bora, Borana-Arsi-Guji Oromo, Border Kuna, Borei, Borgu Fulfulde, Borna (Democratic Republic of Congo), Boro (Ethiopia), Boro (Ghana), Borong, Borôro, Boruca, Boselewa, Bosngun, Bote-Majhi, Botlikh, Botolan Sambal, Bouna Kulango, Bouyei, Bozaba, Bragat, Brahui, Braj, Brazilian Sign Language, Brem, Breri, Bribri, Brithenig, British Sign Language, Brokkat, Brokpake, Brokskat, Brooke's Point Palawano, Broome Pearling Lugger Pidgin, Brunei, Brunei Bisaya, Bu, Bu-Nao Bunu, Bua, Bualkhaw Chin, Buamu, Bube, Bubi, Bubia, Budeh Stieng, Budibud, Budong-Budong, Budu, Budukh, Buduma, Budza, Bugan, Bugawac, Bughotu, Buginese, Buglere, Bugun, Buhi'non Bikol, Buhid, Buhutu, Bukar-Sadung Bidayuh, Bukat, Bukharic, Bukit Malay, Bukitan, Bukiyip, Buksa, Bukusu, Bukwen, Bulgarian Sign Language, Bulgebi, Buli (Ghana), Buli (Indonesia), Bullom So, Bulo Stieng, Bulu (Cameroon), Bulu (Papua New Guinea), Bum, Bumaji, Bumang, Bumbita Arapesh, Bumthangkha, Bun, Buna, Bunaba, Bunak, Bunama, Bundeli, Bung, Bungain, Bunganditj, Bungku, Bungu, Bunoge Dogon, Bunun, Buol, Bura-Pabir, Burak, Buraka, Burarra, Burate, Burduna, Bure, Buriat, Burji, Burmbar, Burmeso, Buru (Indonesia), Buru (Nigeria), Burui, Burumakok, Burun, Burunge, Burushaski, Burusu, Buruwai, Busa, Busam, Busami, Busang Kayan, Bushi, Bushoong, Buso, Busoa, Bussa, Busuu, Butbut Kalinga, Butmas-Tur, Butuanon, Buwal, Buya, Buyu, Buyuan Jinuo, Bwa, Bwaidoka, Bwanabwana, Bwatoo, Bwe Karen, Bwela, Bwile, Bwisi, Byangsi, Byep, C'Lela, Caac, Cabécar, Cabiyarí, Cacaloxtepec Mixtec, Cacaopera, Cacgia Roglai, Cacua, Caddo, Cafundo Creole, Cagua, Cahuarano, Cahuilla, Cajamarca Quechua, Cajatambo North Lima Quechua, Cajonos Zapotec, Cajun French, Caka, Cakchiquel-Quiché Mixed Language, Cakfem-Mushere, Calamian Tagbanwa, Calderón Highland Quichua, Callawalla, Caló, Caluyanun, Cameroon Mambila, Cameroon Pidgin, Camling, Campalagian, Campidanese Sardinian, Camsá, Camtho, Camunic, Cañar Highland Quichua, Candoshi-Shapra, Canela, Canichana, Cao Lan, Cao Miao, Capanahua, Capiznon, Cappadocian Greek, Caquinte, Car Nicobarese, Cara, Carabayo, Caramanta, Carapana, Carian, Caribbean Hindustani, Caribbean Javanese, Carijona, Carolina Algonquian, Carolinian, Carpathian Romani, Carrier, Cashibo-Cacataibo, Cashinahua, Casiguran Dumagat Agta, Casuarina Coast Asmat, Catalan Sign Language, Catawba, Cauca, Caucasian languages, Cavineña, Cayubaba, Cayuga, Cayuse, Ca̱hungwa̱rya̱, Cebaara Senoufo, Cebuano, Celtiberian, Celtic languages, Cemuhî, Cen, Central American Indian languages, Central Asmat, Central Atlas Tamazight, Central Awyu, Central Aymara, Central Bai, Central Berawan, Central Bikol, Central Bontok, Central Cagayan Agta, Central Grebo, Central Hongshuihe Zhuang, Central Huasteca Nahuatl, Central Huishui Hmong, Central Kanuri, Central Kurdish, Central Maewo, Central Malay, Central Masela, Central Mashan Hmong, Central Mazahua, Central Melanau, Central Mnong, Central Nahuatl, Central Nicobarese, Central Ojibwa, Central Okinawan, Central Palawano, Central Pame, Central Pashto, Central Pomo, Central Puebla Nahuatl, Central Sama, Central Siberian Yupik, Central Sierra Miwok, Central Subanen, Central Tagbanwa, Central Tarahumara, Central Tunebo, Central Yupik, Central-Eastern Niger Fulfulde, Centúúm, Cerma, Chabu, Chachapoyas Quechua, Chachi, Chácobo, Chadian Arabic, Chadian Sign Language, Chadong, Chagatai, Chaima, Chak, Chakali, Chakma, Chala, Chaldean Neo-Aramaic, Chalikha, Chamacoco, Chamalal, Chamari, Chambeali, Chambri, Chamic languages, Chamicuro, Chané, Chang Naga, Changriwa, Changthang, Chantyal, Chara, Chaudangsi, Chaungtha, Chaura, Chavacano, Chayahuita, Chayuco Mixtec, Chazumba Mixtec, Che, Cheke Holo, Chemakum, Chenapian, Chenchu, Chenoua, Chepang, Chepya, Cherepon, Cherokee, Chesu, Chetco, Chewong, Cheyenne, Chhattisgarhi, Chhintange, Chhulung, Chiangmai Sign Language, Chiapanec, Chibcha, Chicahuaxtla Triqui, Chichicapan Zapotec, Chichimeca-Jonaz, Chickasaw, Chicomuceltec, Chiga, Chigmecatitlán Mixtec, Chilcotin, Chilean Quechua, Chilean Sign Language, Chilisso, Chiltepec Chinantec, Chimalapa Zoque, Chimariko, Chimborazo Highland Quichua, Chimila, China Buriat, Chinali, Chinbon Chin, Chincha Quechua, Chinese Pidgin English, Chinese Sign Language, Chinook, Chinook jargon, Chipaya, Chipewyan, Chipiajes, Chippewa, Chiquián Ancash Quechua, Chiquihuitlán Mazatec, Chiquitano, Chiripá, Chiru, Chitimacha, Chitkuli Kinnauri, Chittagonian, Chitwania Tharu, Choapan Zapotec, Chocangacakha, Chochotec, Choctaw, Chodri, Chokri Naga, Chokwe, Chol, Cholón, Chong, Choni, Chonyi-Dzihana-Kauma, Chopi, Chorasmian, Chortí, Chothe Naga, Chrau, Chru, Chuanqiandian Cluster Miao, Chuave, Chug, Chuj, Chuka, Chukot, Chukwa, Chulym, Chumburung, Churahi, Chut, Chuukese, Chuvantsy, Chuwabu, Ci Gbe, Cia-Cia, Cibak, Cicipu, Cimbrian, Cinda-Regi-Tiyal, Cineni, Cinta Larga, Cisalpine Gaulish, Cishingini, Citak, Ciwogai, Clallam, Classical Armenian, Classical Mandaic, Classical Mongolian, Classical Nahuatl, Classical Newari, Classical Quechua, Classical Syriac, Classical Tibetan, Coahuilteco, Coast Miwok, Coastal Kadazan, Coastal Konjo, Coatecas Altas Zapotec, Coatepec Nahuatl, Coatlán Mixe, Coatlán Zapotec, Coatzospan Mixtec, Cocama-Cocamilla, Cochimi, Cocopa, Cocos Islands Malay, Coeur d'Alene, Cofán, Cogui, Col, Colombian Sign Language, Colonia Tovar German, Colorado, Columbia-Wenatchi, Comaltepec Chinantec, Comanche, Comecrudo, Como Karim, Comox, Con, Congo Swahili, Côông, Coos, Copainalá Zoque, Copala Triqui, Coptic, Coquille, Cori, Corongo Ancash Quechua, Costa Rican Sign Language, Cotabato Manobo, Cotoname, Cowlitz, Coxima, Coyaima, Coyotepec Popoloca, Coyutla Totonac, Creek, Creoles and pidgins , Creoles and pidgins, English based, Creoles and pidgins, French-based , Creoles and pidgins, Portuguese-based , Crimean Tatar, 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Deccan, Dedua, Defaka, Defi Gbe, Deg, Degaru, Degema, Degenan, Degexit'an, Dehu, Dehwari, Dek, Dela-Oenale, Delaware, Delo, Dem, Dema, Demisa, Demta, Dendi (Benin), Dendi (Central African Republic), Dengese, Dengka, Dení, Deno, Denya, Deori, Dera (Indonesia), Dera (Nigeria), Desano, Desiya, Dewoin, Dezfuli, Dghwede, Dhaiso, Dhalandji, Dhangu-Djangu, Dhanki, Dhanwar (India), Dhanwar (Nepal), Dhao, Dhargari, Dharuk, Dharumbal, Dhatki, Dhimal, Dhodia, Dhofari Arabic, Dhudhuroa, Dhundari, Dhungaloo, Dhurga, Dhuwal, Dhuwal, Dhuwaya, Dia, Dibabawon Manobo, Dibiyaso, Dibo, Dibole, Dicamay Agta, Didinga, Dido, Dieri, Digaro-Mishmi, Digo, Dii, Dijim-Bwilim, Dilling, Dima, Dimasa, Dimbong, Dime, Dimli (individual language), Ding, Dinka, Dirari, Dirasha, Diri, Diriku, Dirim, Disa, Ditammari, Ditidaht, Diuwe, Diuxi-Tilantongo Mixtec, Dixon Reef, Dizin, Djabwurrung, Djadjawurrung, Djambarrpuyngu, Djamindjung, Djangun, Djauan, Djawi, Djeebbana, Djimini Senoufo, Djinang, Djinba, Djingili, Djiwarli, Djiwarli, Dobel, Dobu, Doe, Doga, Doghoro, Dogosé, Dogoso, Dogri (individual language), Dogri (macrolanguage), Dogrib, Dogul Dom Dogon, Doka, Doko-Uyanga, Dolgan, Dolpo, Dom, Domaaki, Domari, Dombe, Dominican Sign Language, Dompo, Domu, Domung, Dondo, Dong, Dongo, Dongotono, Dongshanba Lalo, Dongxiang, Donno So Dogon, Doondo, Dori'o, Doromu-Koki, Dororo, Dorze, Doso, Dotyali, Doutai, Doyayo, Dravidian languages, Drents, Drung, Duala, Duano, Duau, Dubli, Dubu, Dugun, Duguri, Dugwor, Duhwa, Duke, Dulbu, Duli-Gey, Duma, Dumbea, Dumi, Dumpas, Dumun, Duna, Dungan, Dungmali, Dungra Bhil, Dungu, Dupaninan Agta, Dura, Durango Nahuatl, Duri, Duriankere, Duruma, Duruwa, Dusner, Dusun Deyah, Dusun Malang, Dusun Witu, Dutch Sign Language, Dutton World Speedwords, Duungooma, Duupa, Duvle, Duwai, Duwet, Dũya, Dwang, Dyaabugay, Dyaberdyaber, Dyan, Dyangadi, Dyirbal, Dyugun, Dyula, Dza, Dzalakha, Dzando, Dzao Min, Dzodinka, Dzùùngoo, E, E'ma Buyang, E'ñapa Woromaipu, Early Tripuri, East Ambae, East Berawan, East Damar, East Futuna, East Kewa, East Limba, East Makian, East Masela, East Nyala, East Tarangan, East Yugur, Eastern Abnaki, Eastern Acipa, Eastern Apurímac Quechua, Eastern Arrernte, Eastern Balochi, Eastern Bolivian Guaraní, Eastern Bontok, Eastern Bru, Eastern Canadian Inuktitut, Eastern Cham, Eastern Durango Nahuatl, Eastern Egyptian Bedawi Arabic, Eastern Frisian, Eastern Gorkha Tamang, Eastern Gurung, Eastern Highland Chatino, Eastern Highland Otomi, Eastern Hongshuihe Zhuang, Eastern Huasteca Nahuatl, Eastern Huishui Hmong, Eastern Karaboro, Eastern Karnic, Eastern Katu, Eastern Kayah, Eastern Keres, Eastern Khumi Chin, Eastern Krahn, Eastern Lalu, Eastern Lawa, Eastern Magar, Eastern Maninkakan, Eastern Mari, Eastern Maroon Creole, Eastern Meohang, Eastern Mnong, Eastern Muria, Eastern Ngad'a, Eastern Nisu, Eastern Ojibwa, Eastern Oromo, Eastern Parbate Kham, Eastern Penan, Eastern Pomo, Eastern Qiandong Miao, Eastern Subanen, Eastern Tamang, Eastern Tawbuid, 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Sign Language, Esuma, Etchemin, Etebi, Eten, Eteocretan, Eteocypriot, Ethiopian Sign Language, Etkywan, Eton (Cameroon), Eton (Vanuatu), Etruscan, Etulo, Evant, Even, Evenki, Eviya, Ewage-Notu, Ewondo, Extremaduran, Eyak, Ezaa, Fa d'Ambu, Fagani, Faire Atta, Faita, Faiwol, Fala, Falam Chin, Fali, Faliscan, Fam, Fanagalo, Fanamaket, Fanbak, Fang (Cameroon), Fang (Equatorial Guinea), Fania, Fanti, Far Western Muria, Farefare, Fas, Fasu, Fataleka, Fataluku, Fayu, Fe'fe', Fembe, Fernando Po Creole English, Feroge, Fiji Hindi, Filipino, Filomena Mata-Coahuitlán Totonac, Finland-Swedish Sign Language, Finnish Sign Language, Finno-Ugrian languages, Finongan, Fipa, Firan, Fiwaga, Flaaitaal, Flinders Island, Foau, Foi, Foia Foia, Folopa, Foma, Fon, Fongoro, Foodo, Forak, Fordata, Fore, Forest Enets, Forest Maninka, Fortsenal, Francisco León Zoque, Frankish, French Sign Language, Friulian, Fuliiru, Fulniô, Fum, Fungwa, Fur, Furu, Futuna-Aniwa, Fuyug, Fwâi, Fwe, Fyam, Fyer, Ga, Ga'anda, Ga'dang, Gaa, Gaam, Gabi-Gabi, Gabri, Gabrielino-Fernandeño, Gadang, Gaddang, Gaddi, Gade, Gade Lohar, Gadjerawang, Gadsup, Gafat, Gagadu, Gagauz, Gagnoa Bété, Gagu, Gahri, Gaikundi, Gail, Gaina, Gal, Galambu, Galatian, Galela, Galeya, Galibi Carib, Galice, Galindan, Gallurese Sardinian, Galo, Galolen, Gamale Kham, Gambera, Gambian Wolof, Gamilaraay, Gamit, Gamkonora, Gamo, Gamo-Ningi, Gan Chinese, Gana, Ganang, Gāndhārī, Gane, Ganggalida, Ganglau, Gangte, Gangulu, Gants, Ganza, Ganzi, Gao, Gapapaiwa, Garawa, Garhwali, Garifuna, Garig-Ilgar, Garingbal, Garlali, Garo, Garre, Garrwa, Garus, Garza, Gata', Gavak, Gavar, Gavião Do Jiparaná, Gawar-Bati, Gawwada, Gayil, Gayo, Gazi, Gbagyi, Gbanu, Gbanziri, Gbari, Gbati-ri, Gbaya (Central African Republic), Gbaya (Sudan), Gbaya-Bossangoa, Gbaya-Bozoum, Gbaya-Mbodomo, Gbayi, Gbesi Gbe, Gbii, Gbin, Gbiri-Niragu, Gboloo Grebo, Ge, Geba Karen, Gebe, Gedaged, Gedeo, Geez, Geji, Geko Karen, Gela, Gelao, Geme, Gen, Gende, Gengle, Gepo, Gera, German Sign Language, Germanic languages, Geruma, Geser-Gorom, Gey, Ghadamès, Ghanaian Pidgin English, Ghanaian Sign Language, Ghandruk Sign Language, Ghanongga, Ghari, Ghayavi, Gheg Albanian, Ghera, Ghodoberi, Ghomálá', Ghomara, Ghotuo, Ghulfan, Giangan, Gibanawa, Gidar, Giiwo, Gikyode, Gilaki, Gilbertese, Gilima, Gilyak, Gimi (Eastern Highlands), Gimi (West New Britain), Gimme, Gimnime, Ginuman, Ginyanga, Girawa, Giryama, Githabul, Gitonga, Gitua, Gitxsan, Giyug, Gizrra, Glaro-Twabo, Glavda, Glio-Oubi, Gnau, Goan Konkani, Goaria, Gobasi, Gobu, Godié, Godwari, Goemai, Gofa, Gogo, Gogodala, Gokana, Gola, Golin, Golpa, Gondi, Gone Dau, Gongduk, Gonja, Gooniyandi, Gor, Gorakor, Gorap, Goreng, Gorontalo, Gorovu, Gorowa, Gothic, Goundo, Gourmanchéma, Gowlan, Gowli, Gowro, Gozarkhani, Grangali, Grass Koiari, Grebo, Greek Sign Language, Green Gelao, Grenadian Creole English, Gresi, Groma, Gronings, Gros Ventre, Gua, Guadeloupean Creole French, Guahibo, Guajá, Guajajára, Guambiano, Guana (Brazil), Guana (Paraguay), Guanano, Guanche, Guanyinqiao, Guarayu, Guarequena, Guatemalan Sign Language, Guató, Guayabero, Gudang, Gudanji, Gude, Gudu, Guduf-Gava, Guerrero Amuzgo, Guerrero Nahuatl, Guevea De Humboldt Zapotec, Gugadj, Gugu Badhun, Gugu Warra, Gugubera, Guguyimidjir, Guhu-Samane, Guianese Creole French, Guibei Zhuang, Guiberoua Béte, Guibian Zhuang, Güilá Zapotec, Guinea Kpelle, Guinean Sign Language, Guiqiong, Gujari, Gula (Central African Republic), Gula (Chad), Gula Iro, Gula'alaa, Gulay, Gule, Gulf Arabic, Guliguli, Gumalu, Gumatj, Gumawana, Gumuz, Gun, Gundi, Gunditjmara, Gundungurra, Gungabula, Gungu, Guntai, Gunwinggu, Gunya, Gupa-Abawa, Gupapuyngu, Guragone, Guramalum, Gurani, Gurdjar, Gureng Gureng, Gurgula, Guriaso, Gurindji Kriol, Gurinji, Gurmana, Guro, Gurung, Guruntum-Mbaaru, Gusii, Gusilay, Guwa, Guwamu, Guya, Guyanese Creole English, Guyani, Gvoko, Gwa, Gwahatike, Gwak, Gwamhi-Wuri, Gwandara, Gweda, Gweno, Gwere, Gwichʼin, Gyele, Gyem, Ha, Habu, Hadiyya, Hadothi, Hadrami, Hadrami Arabic, Hadza, Haeke, Hahon, Hai//om, Haida, Haigwai, Haiphong Sign Language, Haisla, Haitian Vodoun Culture Language, Haji, Hajong, Hakha Chin, Hakka Chinese, Hakö, Halang, Halang Doan, Halbi, Halh Mongolian, Halia, Halkomelem, Hamap, Hamba, Hamer-Banna, Hamtai, Han, Hanga, Hanga Hundi, Hangaza, Hani, Hano, Hanoi Sign Language, Hanunoo, Harami, Harari, Harijan Kinnauri, Haroi, Harsusi, Haruai, Haruku, Haryanvi, Harzani, Hasha, Hassaniyya, Hatam, Hattic, Hausa Sign Language, Havasupai-Walapai-Yavapai, Haveke, Havu, Hawai'i Creole English, Hawai'i Sign Language (HSL), Hawaiian, Haya, Hazaragi, Hdi, Hehe, Heiban, Heiltsuk, Helambu Sherpa, Helong, Hema, Hemba, Herdé, Hermit, Hernican, Hértevin, Hewa, Heyo, Hiberno-Scottish Gaelic, Hibito, Hidatsa, Hieroglyphic Luwian, Higaonon, Highland Konjo, Highland Oaxaca Chontal, Highland Popoluca, Highland Puebla Nahuatl, Highland Totonac, Hijazi Arabic, Hijuk, Hiligaynon, Himachali languages; Western Pahari languages, Himarimã, Hinduri, Hinukh, Hittite, Hitu, Hiw, Hixkaryána, Hlai, Hlepho Phowa, Hlersu, Hmar, Hmong, Hmong Daw, Hmong Dô, Hmong Don, Hmong Njua, Hmong Shua, Hmwaveke, Ho, Ho Chi Minh City Sign Language, Ho-Chunk, Hoava, Hobyót, Hoia Hoia, Holikachuk, Holiya, Holma, Holoholo, Holu, Homa, Honduras Sign Language, Hõne, Hong Kong Sign Language, Honi, Hopi, Horned Miao, Horo, Horom, Horpa, Horuru, Hote, Hoti, Hovongan, Hoyahoya, Hozo, Hpon, Hrangkhol, Hre, Hruso, Hu, Huachipaeri, Huallaga Huánuco Quechua, Huamalíes-Dos de Mayo Huánuco Quechua, Huambisa, Huarijio, Huastec, Huaulu, Huautla Mazatec, Huaxcaleca Nahuatl, Huaylas Ancash Quechua, Huaylla Wanca Quechua, Huba, Huehuetla Tepehua, Huichol, Huilliche, Huitepec Mixtec, Huizhou Chinese, Hukumina, Hula, Hulaulá, Huli, Hulung, Humburi Senni Songhay, Humene, Humla, Hun-Saare, Hunde, Hung, Hungana, Hungarian Sign Language, Hunjara-Kaina Ke, Hunnic, Hunsrik, Hunzib, Hupa, Hupdë, Hupla, Hurrian, Hutterite German, Hwana, Hya, Hyam, I-Wak, Iaai, Iamalele, Iapama, Iatmul, Iau, Ibali Teke, Ibaloi, Iban, Ibanag, Ibani, Ibatan, Iberian, Ibibio, Ibilo, Ibino, Ibu, Ibuoro, Icelandic Sign Language, Iceve-Maci, Ida'an, Idakho-Isukha-Tiriki, Idaté, Idere, Idesa, Idi, Idoma, Idon, Idu-Mishmi, Iduna, Ifè, Ifo, Igala, Igana, Igede, Ignaciano, Igo, Iguta, Igwe, Iha, Iha Based Pidgin, Ihievbe, Ija-Zuba, Ijo languages, Ik, Ika, Ikaranggal, Ikizu, Iko, Ikobi, Ikoma-Nata-Isenye, Ikpeng, Ikpeshi, Ikposo, Iku-Gora-Ankwa, Ikulu, Ikwere, Ikwo, Ila, Ile Ape, Ili Turki, Ili'uun, Ilianen Manobo, Illyrian, Iloko, Ilongot, Ilue, Ilwana, Imbabura Highland Quichua, Imbongu, Imeraguen, Imonda, Imroing, Inabaknon, Inapang, Iñapari, Inari Sami, Indian Sign Language, Indic languages, Indo-European languages, Indo-Portuguese, Indonesian Bajau, Indonesian Sign Language, Indri, Indus Kohistani, Indus Valley Language, Inebu One, Ineseño, Inga, Ingrian, Ingush, Inlaod Itneg, Inoke-Yate, Inonhan, Inor, Inpui Naga, Interglossa, International Sign, Intha, Inuinnaqtun, Inuit Sign Language, Iowa-Oto, Ipalapa Amuzgo, Ipiko, Ipili, Ipulo, Iquito, Ir, Iranian languages, Iranian Persian, Irántxe, Iranun, Iranun (Malaysia), Iranun (Philippines), Iraqw, Irarutu, Iraya, Iresim, Irigwe, Irish Sign Language, Iroquoian languages, Irula, Isabi, Isanzu, Isarog Agta, Isconahua, Isebe, Isekiri, Ishkashimi, Isinai, Isirawa, Island Carib, Islander Creole English, Isnag, Isoko, Israeli Sign Language, Isthmus Mixe, Isthmus Zapotec, Isthmus-Cosoleacaque Nahuatl, Isthmus-Mecayapan Nahuatl, Isthmus-Pajapan Nahuatl, Istriot, Istro Romanian, Isu (Fako Division), Isu (Menchum Division), Italian Sign Language, Itawit, Itelmen, Itene, Iteri, Itik, Ito, Itonama, Itu Mbon Uzo, Itundujia Mixtec, Itzá, Iu Mien, Ivatan, Ivbie North-Okpela-Arhe, Iwaidja, Iwal, Iwam, Iwur, Ixcatec, Ixcatlán Mazatec, Ixil, Ixtayutla Mixtec, Ixtenco Otomi, Iyayu, Iyive, Iyo, Iyo'wujwa Chorote, Iyojwa'ja Chorote, Izere, Izi-Ezaa-Ikwo-Mgbo, Izii, Izon, Izora, Jabutí, Jad, Jadgali, Jah Hut, Jahanka, Jair Awyu, Jaitmatang, Jakati, Jakun, Jalapa De Díaz Mazatec, Jalkunan, Jamaican Country Sign Language, Jamaican Creole English, Jamaican Sign Language, Jamamadí, Jambi Malay, Jamiltepec Mixtec, Jamsay Dogon, Jandai, Jandavra, Jangkang, Jangshung, Janji, Japanese Sign Language, Japrería, Jaqaru, Jara, Jarai, Jarawa (India), Jarawa (Nigeria), Jaru, Jauja Wanca Quechua, Jaunsari, Javindo, Jawe, Jaya, Jebero, Jeh, Jehai, Jejueo, Jemez, Jenaama Bozo, Jeng, Jennu Kurumba, Jere, Jeri Kuo, Jèrriais, Jerung, Jewish Babylonian Aramaic (ca. 200-1200 CE), Jewish Palestinian Aramaic, Jhankot Sign Language, Jiamao, Jiarong, Jiba, Jibu, Jicarilla Apache, Jiiddu, Jilbe, Jilim, Jimi (Cameroon), Jimi (Nigeria), Jina, Jinyu Chinese, Jiongnai Bunu, Jirel, Jiru, Jita, Jju, Joba, Jofotek-Bromnya, Jogi, Jola-Fonyi, Jola-Kasa, Jonkor Bourmataguil, Jorá, Jordanian Sign Language, Jorto, Jowulu, Ju, Ju/'hoan, Juang, Judeo-Arabic, Judeo-Berber, Judeo-Georgian, Judeo-Iraqi Arabic, Judeo-Italian, Judeo-Moroccan Arabic, Judeo-Persian, Judeo-Tat, Judeo-Tripolitanian Arabic, Judeo-Tunisian Arabic, Judeo-Yemeni Arabic, Jukun Takum, Júma, Jumjum, Jumla Sign Language, Jumli, Jungle Inga, Juquila Mixe, Jur Modo, Juray, Jurchen, Jurúna, Jutish, Juwal, Juxtlahuaca Mixtec, Jwira-Pepesa, K'iche', Kaamba, Kaan, Kaang Chin, Kaansa, Kaba, Kabalai, Kabardian, Kabatei, Kabixí, Kabiyè, Kabola, Kabore One, Kabras, Kaburi, Kabutra, Kabuverdianu, Kabwa, Kabwari, Kabyle, Kachama-Ganjule, Kachari, Kachhi, Kachi Koli, Kachin, Kacipo-Balesi, Kaco', Kadai, Kadar, Kadaru, Kadazan Dusun, Kadiwéu, Kado, Kadu, Kaduo, Kaera, Kafa, Kafoa, Kagan Kalagan, Kagate, Kagayanen, Kagoma, Kagoro, Kagulu, Kahe, Kahua, Kaian, Kaibobo, Kaidipang, Kaiep, Kaikadi, Kaikavian Literary Language, Kaike, Kaiku, Kaimbé, Kaimbulawa, Kaingang, Kairak, Kairiru, Kairui-Midiki, Kais, Kaivi, Kaiwá, Kaiy, Kajakse, Kajali, Kajaman, Kakabai, Kakabe, Kakanda, Kakauhua, Kaki Ae, Kakihum, Kako, Kakwa, Kala Lagaw Ya, Kalaamaya, Kalabakan, Kalabari, Kalabra, Kalagan, Kalaktang Monpa, Kalam, Kalami, Kalamsé, Kalanadi, Kalanga, Kalanguya, Kalao, Kalapuya, Kalarko, Kalasha, Kalenjin, Kalispel-Pend d'Oreille, Kalkoti, Kalkutung, Kalmyk, Kalo Finnish Romani, Kalou, Kaluli, Kalumpang, Kam, Kamakan, Kamang, Kamano, Kamantan, Kamar, Kamara, Kamarian, Kamaru, Kamas, Kamasa, Kamasau, Kamayo, Kamayurá, Kamba (Brazil), Kamba (Kenya), Kambaata, Kambaira, Kambera, Kamberau, Kambiwá, Kami (Nigeria), Kami (Tanzania), Kamo, Kamoro, Kamu, Kamula, Kamviri, Kamwe, Kanakanabu, Kanamarí, Kanan, Kanashi, Kanasi, Kanauji, Kandas, Kandawo, Kande, Kanembu, Kang, Kanga, Kangean, Kanggape, Kangjia, Kango (Bas-Uélé District), Kango (Tshopo District), Kangri, Kaniet, Kanikkaran, Kaningdon-Nindem, Kaningi, Kaningra, Kaninuwa, Kanite, Kanjari, Kanju, Kankanaey, Kannada Kurumba, Kanoé, Kanowit-Tanjong Melanau, Kansa, Kantosi, Kanu, Kanufi, Kanyok, Kao, Kaonde, Kap, Kapin, Kapinawá, Kapingamarangi, Kapori, Kapriman, Kaptiau, Kapya, Kaqchikel, Kara (Central African Republic), Kara (Korea), Kara (Papua New Guinea), Kara (Tanzania), Kara-Kalpak, Karachay-Balkar, Karadjeri, Karagas, Karahawyana, Karaim, Karajá, Karakhanid, Karami, Karamojong, Karang, Karanga, Karankawa, Karao, Karas, Karata, Karawa, Karbi, Kare (Central African Republic), Kare (Papua New Guinea), Karekare, Karelian, Karen languages, Karenggapa, Karey, Kari, Karingani, Karipúna, Karipuna, Karipúna Creole French, Karirí-Xocó, Karitiâna, Kariya, Kariyarra, Karkar-Yuri, Karkin, Karko, Karnai, Karo (Brazil), Karo (Ethiopia), Karok, Karon, Karon Dori, Karore, Karranga, Karuwali, Kasanga, Kasem, Kashaya, Kashubian, Kasiguranin, Kaska, Kaskean, Kasseng, Kasua, Kataang, Katabaga, Katawixi, Katbol, Katcha-Kadugli-Miri, Kâte, Kathoriya Tharu, Kathu, Kati, Katkari, Katla, Kato, Katso, Katua, Katukína, Kaulong, Kaur, Kaure, Kaurna, Kauwera, Kavalan, Kavet, Kawacha, Kawaiisu, Kawe, Kawi, Kaxararí, Kaxuiâna, Kayabí, Kayagar, Kayan, Kayan Mahakam, Kayan River Kayan, Kayapó, Kayardild, Kayaw, Kayeli, Kayong, Kayort, Kaytetye, Kayupulau, Kazukuru, Ke'o, Keak, Keapara, Kedah Malay, Kedang, Keder, Kehu, Kei, Keiga, Kein, Keiyo, Kekchí, Kela (Democratic Republic of Congo), Kela (Papua New Guinea), Kelabit, Kélé, Kele (Democratic Republic of Congo), Kele (Papua New Guinea), Keley-I Kallahan, Keliko, Kelo, Kelon, Kemak, Kembayan, Kemberano, Kembra, Kemedzung, Kemi Sami, Kemiehua, Kemtuik, Kenaboi, Kenati, Kendayan, Kendeje, Kendem, Kenga, Keningau Murut, Keninjal, Kensiu, Kenswei Nsei, Kenuzi-Dongola, Kenyan Sign Language, Kenyang, Kenyi, Kenzi, Keoru-Ahia, Kepkiriwát, Kepo', Kera, Kerak, Kereho, Kerek, Kerewe, Kerewo, Kerinci, Kesawai, Ket, Ketangalan, Kete, Ketengban, Ketum, Keyagana, Kgalagadi, Khakas, Khalaj, Khaling, Khamba, Khams Tibetan, Khamti, Khamyang, Khana, Khandesi, Kháng, Khanty, Khao, Kharam Naga, Kharia, Kharia Thar, Khasi, Khayo, Khazar, Khe, Khehek, Khengkha, Khetrani, Khezha Naga, Khiamniungan Naga, Khinalugh, Khirwar, Khisa, Khlor, Khlula, Khmu, Kho'ini, Khoekhoe, Khoibu Naga, Khoisan languages, Kholok, Khorasani Turkish, Khorezmian, Khotanese, Khowar, Khua, Khuen, Khumi Awa Chin, Khumi Chin, Khün, Khunsari, Khvarshi, Kibet, Kibiri, Kickapoo, Kikai, Kildin Sami, Kilivila, Kiliwa, Kilmeri, Kim, Kim Mun, Kimaama, Kimaragang, Kimbu, Kimbundu, Kimki, Kimré, Kinabalian, Kinalakna, Kinamiging Manobo, Kinaray-A, Kinga, Kinnauri, Kintaq, Kinuku, Kioko, Kiong, Kiorr, Kiowa, Kiowa Apache, Kipsigis, Kiput, Kir-Balar, Kire, Kirike, Kirikiri, Kirmanjki (individual language), Kirya-Konzəl, Kis, Kisa, Kisan, Kisankasa, Kisar, Kisi, Kistane, Kita Maninkakan, Kitan, Kitja, Kitsai, Kituba (Congo), Kituba (Democratic Republic of Congo), Kiunum, Kla-Dan, Klamath-Modoc, Klao, Klias River Kadazan, Klingon, Knaanic, Ko, Koalib, Koasati, Koba, Kobiana, Kobol, Kobon, Koch, Kochila Tharu, Koda, Kodaku, Kodava, Kodeoha, Kodi, Kodia, Koenoem, Kofa, Kofei, Kofyar, Koguryo, Kohin, Kohistani Shina, Koho, Kohumono, Koi, Koibal, Koireng, Koitabu, Koiwat, Kok Borok, Kok-Nar, Kokata, Koke, Koki Naga, Koko Babangk, Kokoda, Kokola, Kokota, Kol (Bangladesh), Kol (Cameroon), Kol (Papua New Guinea), Kola, Kolbila, Kolibugan Subanon, Kölsch, Kolum So Dogon, Koluwawa, Kom (Cameroon), Kom (India), Koma, Komba, Kombai, Kombio, Komering, Komi-Permyak, Komi-Zyrian, Kominimung, Komo (Democratic Republic of Congo), Komo (Sudan), Komodo, Kompane, Komyandaret, Kon Keu, Konai, Konda, Konda-Dora, Koneraw, Konkani (individual language), Konkani (macrolanguage), Konkomba, Konni, Kono (Guinea), Kono (Nigeria), Kono (Sierra Leone), Konomala, Konongo, Konso, Konyak Naga, Konyanka Maninka, Konzo, Koongo, Koonzime, Koorete, Kopar, Kopkaka, Korafe-Yegha, Korak, Korana, Korandje, Korean Sign Language, Koreguaje, Koresh-e Rostam, Korku, Korlai Creole Portuguese, Koro (Côte d'Ivoire), Koro (India), Koro (Papua New Guinea), Koro (Vanuatu), Koro Wachi, Koromfé, Koromira, Koronadal Blaan, Koroni, Korop, Koropó, Koroshi, Korowai, Korra Koraga, Korubo, Korupun-Sela, Korwa, Koryak, Kosadle, Kosarek Yale, Kosena, Koshin, Kosraean, Kota (Gabon), Kota (India), Kota Bangun Kutai Malay, Kota Marudu Talantang, Kota Marudu Tinagas, Kotafon Gbe, Kotava, Koti, Kott, Kouya, Kovai, Kove, Kowaki, Kowiai, Koy Sanjaq Surat, Koya, Koyaga, Koyo, Koyra Chiini Songhay, Koyraboro Senni Songhai, Koyukon, Kpagua, Kpala, Kpan, Kpasam, Kpati, Kpatili, Kpeego, Kpelle, Kpessi, Kplang, Krache, Krahô, Kraol, Krenak, Krevinian, Kreye, Krikati-Timbira, Krim, Krio, Kriol, Krisa, Krobu, Krongo, Kru languages, Kru'ng 2, Krymchak, Kryts, Kua, Kua-nsi, Kuamasi, Kuan, Kuanhua, Kuanua, Kube, Kubi, Kubo, Kubu, Kucong, Kudiya, Kudmali, Kudu-Camo, Kugama, Kugbo, Kui (India), Kui (Indonesia), Kuijau, Kuikúro-Kalapálo, Kujarge, Kuk, Kukatja, Kuke, Kukele, Kukna, Kuku-Mangk, Kuku-Mu'inh, Kuku-Muminh, Kuku-Ugbanh, Kuku-Uwanh, Kuku-Yalanji, Kula, Kulere, Kulfa, Kulina Pano, Kulisusu, Kullu Pahari, Kulon-Pazeh, Kulung (Nepal), Kulung (Nigeria), Kumalu, Kumam, Kuman (Papua New Guinea), Kuman (Russia), Kumaoni, Kumarbhag Paharia, Kumba, Kumbainggar, Kumbaran, Kumbewaha, Kumhali, Kumiai, Kumukio, Kumyk, Kumzari, Kunama, Kunbarlang, Kunda, Kundal Shahi, Kunduvadi, Kung, Kung-Ekoka, Kungarakany, Kungardutyi, Kunggara, Kunggari, Kungkari, Kuni, Kuni-Boazi, Kunigami, Kunimaipa, Kunja, Kunjen, Kunyi, Kunza, Kuo, Kuot, Kupa, Kupang Malay, Kupia, Kupsabiny, Kur, Kura Ede Nago, Kurama, Kuranko, Kuri, Kuria, Kurichiya, Kurmukar, Kurnai, Kurrama, Kurti, Kurtokha, Kuruáya, Kurudu, Kurukh, Kusaal, Kusaghe, Kushi, Kusu, Kusunda, Kutenai, Kutep, Kuthant, Kutong, Kutto, Kutu, Kuturmi, Kuuk-Yak, Kuuku-Ya'u, Kuvale, Kuvi, Kuwaa, Kuwaataay, Kuy, Kven Finnish, Kw'adza, Kwa, Kwa', Kwaami, Kwadi, Kwaio, Kwaja, Kwak, Kwakiutl, Kwakum, Kwalhioqua-Tlatskanai, Kwama, Kwambi, Kwamera, Kwami, Kwamtim One, Kwang, Kwanga, Kwangali, Kwanja, Kwara'ae, Kwasio, Kwaya, Kwaza, Kwegu, Kwer, Kwerba, Kwerba Mamberamo, Kwere, Kwerisa, Kwese, Kwesten, Kwini, Kwinsu, Kwinti, Kwoma, Kwomtari, Kxoe, Kyak, Kyaka, Kyan-Karyaw Naga, Kyanga, Kyenele, Kyerung, Kɛlɛngaxo Bozo, La'bi, Láá Láá Bwamu, Láadan, Laal, Laari, Laba, Label, Labir, Labo, Labo Phowa, Labu, Labuk-Kinabatangan Kadazan, Lacandon, Lachi, Lachiguiri Zapotec, Lachixío Zapotec, Ladakhi, Ladin, Ladino, Ladji Ladji, Laeko-Libuat, Lafofa, Laghu, Laghuu, Lagwan, Laha (Indonesia), Laha (Viet Nam), Lahanan, Lahnda, Lahta Karen, Lahu, Lahu Shi, Lahul Lohar, Laimbue, Laitu Chin, Laiyolo, Lak, Laka (Chad), Laka (Nigeria), Lakalei, Lake Miwok, Lakha, Laki, Lakkia, Lakon, Lakondê, Lakota, Lakota Dida, Lala, Lala-Bisa, Lala-Roba, Lalana Chinantec, Lalia, Lama (Togo), Lama Bai, Lamaholot, Lamalera, Lamam, Lamang, Lamatuka, Lamba, Lambadi, Lambayeque Quechua, Lambichhong, Lamboya, Lambya, Lame, Lamenu, Lamet, Lamja-Dengsa-Tola, Lamkang, Lamma, Lamnso', Lamogai, Lampung Api, Lampung Nyo, Lamu, Lamu-Lamu, Lanas Lobu, Land Dayak languages, Landoma, Lang'e, Langam, Langbashe, Langi, Langnian Buyang, Lango (Sudan), Lango (Uganda), Langobardic, Langue des signes de Belgique Francophone, Lanima, Lanoh, Lao Naga, Laomian, Laopang, Laos Sign Language, Lapaguía-Guivini Zapotec, Laragia, Larantuka Malay, Lardil, Larevat, Large Flowery Miao, Lari, Larike-Wakasihu, Laro, Larteh, Laru, Lasalimu, Lasgerdi, Lashi, Lasi, Late Middle Chinese, Latgalian, Latu, Latundê, Latvian Sign Language, Lau, Laua, Lauan, Lauje, Laura, Laurentian, Lautu Chin, Lavatbura-Lamusong, Lave, Laven, Lavukaleve, Lawangan, Lawu, Lawunuia, Layakha, Laz, Lealao Chinantec, Leco, Ledo Kaili, Leelau, Lefa, Lega-Mwenga, Lega-Shabunda, Legbo, Legenyem, Lehali, Lehalurup, Lehar, Leinong Naga, Leipon, Lelak, Lele (Chad), Lele (Democratic Republic of Congo), Lele (Guinea), Lele (Papua New Guinea), Lelemi, Lelepa, Lembena, Lemerig, Lemio, Lemnian, Lemolang, Lemoro, Lenakel, Lenca, Lendu, Lengilu, Lengo, Lengola, Lengua, Leningitij, Lenje, Lenkau, Lenyima, Lepcha, Lepki, Lepontic, Lere, Lese, Lesing-Gelimi, Letemboi, Leti (Cameroon), Leti (Indonesia), Levuka, Lewo, Lewo Eleng, Lewotobi, Leyigha, Lezghian, Lhokpu, Lhomi, Li'o, Liabuku, Liana-Seti, Liangmai Naga, Lianshan Zhuang, Liberia Kpelle, Liberian English, Libido, Libinza, Libon Bikol, Liburnian, Libyan Arabic, Libyan Sign Language, Ligbi, Ligenza, Ligurian, Ligurian (Ancient), Lihir, Lijili, Lika, Liki, Likila, Likuba, Likum, Likwala, Lilau, Lillooet, Limassa, Limbu, Limbum, Limi, Limilngan, Limos Kalinga, Lindu, Linear A, Lingao, Lingarak, Lingkhim, Lingua Franca, Lingua Franca Nova, Lipan Apache, Lipo, Lisabata-Nuniali, Lisela, Lish, Lishán Didán, Lishana Deni, Lishanid Noshan, Lisu, Literary Chinese, Lithuanian Sign Language, Litzlitz, Liujiang Zhuang, Liuqian Zhuang, Liv, Livvi, Lo-Toga, Loarki, Lobala, Lobi, Lodhi, Logba, Logo, Logol, Logooli, Logorik, Logudorese Sardinian, Lohorung, Loja Highland Quichua, Lojban, Lokaa, Loke, Loko, Lokoya, Lola, Lolak, Lole, Lolo, Loloda, Lolopo, Loma (Côte d'Ivoire), Loma (Liberia), Lomaiviti, Lomavren, Lombard, Lombi, Lombo, Lomwe, Loncong, Long Phuri Naga, Long Wat, Longgu, Longto, Longuda, Loniu, Lonwolwol, Lonzo, Loo, Lopa, Lopi, Lopit, Lorang, Lorediakarkar, Loreto-Ucayali Spanish, Lote, Lotha Naga, Lotud, Lou, Louisiana Creole, Loun, Loup A, Loup B, Low German, Lower Burdekin, Lower Chehalis, Lower Grand Valley Dani, Lower Silesian, Lower Sorbian, Lower Southern Aranda, Lower Ta'oih, Lower Tanana, Lowland Oaxaca Chontal, Lowland Tarahumara, Loxicha Zapotec, Lozi, Lü, Lua', Luang, Luba-Lulua, Lubila, Lubu, Lubuagan Kalinga, Luchazi, Lucumi, Ludian, Lufu, Lugbara, Luguru, Luhu, Lui, Luimbi, Luiseno, Lukpa, Lule, Lule Sami, Lumba-Yakkha, Lumbee, Lumbu, Lumun, Luna, Lunanakha, Lunda, Lundayeh, Lungalunga, Lungga, Luo (Cameroon), Luo (Kenya and Tanzania), Luopohe Hmong, Luri, Lusengo, Lushai, Lushootseed, Lusi, Lusitanian, Lutos, Luvale, Luwati, Luwo, Luyana, Luyia, Lwalu, Lycian, Lydian, Lyélé, Lyngngam, Lyons Sign Language, Ma (Democratic Republic of Congo), Ma (Papua New Guinea), Ma Manda, Ma'anyan, Ma'di, Ma'ya, Maa, Maaka, Maasina Fulfulde, Maay, Maba (Chad), Maba (Indonesia), Mabaale, Mabaan, Mabaka Valley Kalinga, Mabire, Maca, Macaguaje, Macaguán, Macanese, Macedo-Romanian, Machame, Machiguenga, Machinere, Machinga, Maco, Macuna, Macushi, Mada (Cameroon), Mada (Nigeria), Madagascar Sign Language, Madak, Maden, Madhi Madhi, Madi, Madngele, Madurese, Mae, Maek, Maeng Itneg, Mafa, Mafea, Mag-antsi Ayta, Mag-Indi Ayta, Magahi, Magbukun Ayta, Magdalena Peñasco Mixtec, Mághdì, Magoma, Magori, Maguindanaon, Magɨyi, Mahali, Māhārāṣṭri Prākrit, Mahasu Pahari, Mahei, Mahican, Mahongwe, Mahou, Mai Brat, Maia, Maiadomu, Maiani, Maii, Mailu, Maindo, Mainfränkisch, Mainstream Kenyah, Mairasi, Maisin, Maithili, Maiwa (Indonesia), Maiwa (Papua New Guinea), Maiwala, Majang, Majera, Majhi, Majhwar, Majukayang Kalinga, Mak (China), Mak (Nigeria), Makaa, Makah, Makalero, Makasae, Makasar, Makassar Malay, Makayam, Makhuwa, Makhuwa-Marrevone, Makhuwa-Meetto, Makhuwa-Moniga, Makhuwa-Saka, Makhuwa-Shirima, Maklew, Makolkol, Makonde, Máku, Maku'a, Makuráp, Makuri Naga, Makwe, Makyan Naga, Mal, Mal Paharia, Mala (Nigeria), Mala (Papua New Guinea), Mala Malasar, Malaccan Creole Malay, Malaccan Creole Portuguese, Malakhel, Malalamai, Malango, Malankuravan, Malapandaram, Malaryan, Malas, Malasar, Malavedan, Malawi Lomwe, Malawi Sena, Malay (individual language), Malayic Dayak, Malaynon, Malayo, Malaysian Sign Language, Malba Birifor, Male (Ethiopia), Male (Papua New Guinea), Malecite-Passamaquoddy, Maléku Jaíka, Maleng, Maleu-Kilenge, Malfaxal, Malgana, Malgbe, Mali, Maligo, Malila, Malimba, Malimpung, Malinaltepec Me'phaa, Malo, Malol, Maltese Sign Language, Malua Bay, Malvi, Malyangapa, Mam, Mama, Mamaa, Mamaindé, Mamanwa, Mamara Senoufo, Mamasa, Mambae, Mambai, Mamboru, Mambwe-Lungu, Mampruli, Mamuju, Mamulique, Mamusi, Mamvu, Man Met, Manado Malay, Manam, Manambu, Manangba, Manangkari, Manchu, Manda (Australia), Manda (India), Manda (Tanzania), Mandahuaca, Mandaic, Mandan, Mandandanyi, Mandar, Mandara, Mandari, Mandarin Chinese, Mandaya, Mandeali, Mander, Mandingo, Mandinka, Mandjak, Mandobo Atas, Mandobo Bawah, Manem, Mang, Manga Kanuri, Mangala, Mangarayi, Mangareva, Mangas, Mangayat, Mangbetu, Mangbutu, Mangerr, Mangga Buang, Manggarai, Mango, Mangole, Mangseng, Mangue, Manichaean Middle Persian, Manide, Manikion, Manipa, Manipuri, Mankanya, Manna-Dora, Mannan, Mano, Manobo languages, Manombai, Mansaka, Mansi, Mansoanka, Manta, Mantsi, Manumanaw Karen, Manya, Manyawa, Manyika, Manza, Mao Naga, Maonan, Maore Comorian, Mape, Mapena, Mapia, Mapidian, Mapos Buang, Mapoyo, Mapudungun, Mapun, Maquiritari, Mara, Mara Chin, Marachi, Maraghei, Maragus, Maram Naga, Marama, Maramba, Maranao, Maranunggu, Mararit, Marau, Marba, Maremgi, Marenje, Marfa, Margany, Marghi Central, Marghi South, Margos-Yarowilca-Lauricocha Quechua, Margu, Mari (East Sepik Province), Mari (Madang Province), Mari (Russia), Maria (India), Maria (Papua New Guinea), Maricopa, Maridan, Maridjabin, Marik, Marimanindji, Marind, Maring, Maring Naga, Maringarr, Marino, Mariri, Marithiel, Maritime Sign Language, Maritsauá, Mariyedi, Marka, Markweeta, Marma, Marovo, Marriammu, Marrucinian, Marsian, Martha's Vineyard Sign Language, Marti Ke, Martu Wangka, Martuyhunira, Maru, Marúbo, Marwari, Marwari (India), Marwari (Pakistan), Masaaba, Masadiit Itneg, Masai, Masalit, Masana, Masbatenyo, Mashco Piro, Mashi (Nigeria), Mashi (Zambia), Masikoro Malagasy, Masimasi, Masiwang, Maskelynes, Maskoy Pidgin, Maslam, Masmaje, Massalat, Massep, Matagalpa, Matal, Matbat, Matengo, Matepi, Matigsalug Manobo, Matipuhy, Matís, Mato, Mato Grosso Arára, Mator, Mator-Taygi-Karagas, Matsés, Mattole, Matu Chin, Matukar, Matumbi, Matya Samo, Maung, Mauritian Sign Language, Mauwake, Mawa (Chad), Mawa (Nigeria), Mawak, Mawan, Mawayana, Mawchi, Mawes, Maxakalí, Maxi Gbe, Maya Samo, Mayaguduna, Mayan languages, Mayangna, Mayawali, Mayeka, Mayi-Kulan, Mayi-Thakurti, Mayi-Yapi, Maykulan, Mayo, Mayogo, Mayoyao Ifugao, Mazagway, Mazaltepec Zapotec, Mazanderani, Mazatlán Mazatec, Mazatlán Mixe, Mba, Mbala, Mbalanhu, Mbandja, Mbangala, Mbangi, Mbangwe, Mbara (Australia), Mbara (Chad), Mbariman-Gudhinma, Mbati, Mbato, Mbay, Mbe, Mbe', Mbelime, Mbere, Mbesa, Mbo (Cameroon), Mbo (Democratic Republic of Congo), Mboi, Mboko, Mbole, Mbonga, Mbongno, Mbosi, Mbowe, Mbre, Mbudum, Mbugu, Mbugwe, Mbuko, Mbukushu, Mbula, Mbula-Bwazza, Mbule, Mbulungish, Mbum, Mbunda, Mbunga, Mburku, Mbwela, Mbyá Guaraní, Me'en, Mea, Medebur, Media Lengua, Mediak, Median, Mednyj Aleut, Medumba, Mefele, Megam, Megleno Romanian, Mehek, Mehináku, Mehri, Mekeo, Mekmek, Mekwei, Mele-Fila, Melo, Melpa, Memoni, Mendalam Kayan, Mendankwe-Nkwen, Mende (Papua New Guinea), Mende (Sierra Leone), Mengaka, Mengen, Mengisa, Ménik, Menka, Menominee, Mentawai, Menya, Meoswar, Mer, Meramera, Merei, Merey, Meriam, Merlav, Meroitic, Meru, Merwari, Mesaka, Mescalero-Chiricahua Apache, Mese, Meskwaki, Mesme, Mesmes, Mesopotamian Arabic, Mesqan, Messapic, Meta', Metlatónoc Mixtec, Mewari, Mewati, Mexican Sign Language, Meyah, Mezontla Popoloca, Mezquital Otomi, Mfinu, Mfumte, Mgbolizhia, Mi'kmaq, Miahuatlán Zapotec, Miami, Mian, Miani, Michif, Michigamea, Michoacán Mazahua, Michoacán Nahuatl, Mid Grand Valley Dani, Mid-Southern Banda, Middle Armenian, Middle Breton, Middle Cornish, Middle Dutch (ca. 1050-1350), Middle English (1100-1500), Middle French (ca. 1400-1600), Middle High German (ca. 1050-1500), Middle Hittite, Middle Irish (900-1200), Middle Korean (10th-16th cent.), Middle Low German, Middle Mongolian, Middle Newar, Middle Watut, Middle Welsh, Midob, Migaama, Migabac, Migum, Miju-Mishmi, Mikasuki, Mili, Miltu, Miluk, Milyan, Min Bei Chinese, Min Dong Chinese, Min Nan Chinese, Min Zhong Chinese, Mina (Cameroon), Mina (India), Minaean, Minang, Minangkabau, Minanibai, Minaveha, Minderico, Mindiri, Mingang Doso, Mingrelian, Minica Huitoto, Minidien, Minjungbal, Minkin, Minoan, Minokok, Minriq, Mintil, Minz Zhuang, Miqie, Mirandese, Miraya Bikol, Mirgan, Miriti, Miriwoong Sign Language, Miriwung, Mirpur Panjabi, Miship, Misima-Panaeati, Mising, Mískito, Mitla Zapotec, Mitlatongo Mixtec, Mittu, Mituku, Miu, Miwa, Mixed Great Andamanese, Mixtepec Mixtec, Mixtepec Zapotec, Miya, Miyako, Miyobe, Mlabri, Mlahsö, Mlap, Mlomp, Mmaala, Mmen, Mo'da, Moabite, Moba, Mobilian, Mobumrin Aizi, Mobwa Karen, Mócheno, Mochi, Mochica, Mocho, Mocoví, Modang, Modole, Moere, Mofu-Gudur, Mogholi, Mogofin, Mogum, Mohave, Mohawk, Mohegan-Pequot, Moi (Congo), Moi (Indonesia), Moikodi, Moingi, Moji, Mok, Moken, Mokerang, Mokilese, Moklen, Mokole, Mokpwe, Moksela, Moksha, Molale, Molbog, Moldova Sign Language, Molengue, Molima, Molmo One, Molo, Molof, Moloko, Mom Jango, Moma, Momare, Mombo Dogon, Mombum, Momina, Momuna, Mon, Mon-Khmer languages, Monastic Sign Language, Mondé, Mondropolon, Mongo, Mongol, Mongolia Buriat, Mongolian Sign Language, Mongondow, Moni, Mono (Cameroon), Mono (Democratic Republic of Congo), Mono (Solomon Islands), Mono (USA), Monom, Monsang Naga, Montagnais, Montol, Monumbo, Monzombo, Moo, Moose Cree, Mopán Maya, Mor (Bomberai Peninsula), Mor (Mor Islands), Moraid, Morawa, Morelos Nahuatl, Morerebi, Moresada, Mori Atas, Mori Bawah, Morigi, Morisyen, Moro, Moroccan Arabic, Moroccan Sign Language, Morokodo, Morom, Moronene, Morori, Morouas, Mortlockese, Moru, Mosimo, Mosiro, Moskona, Mossi, Mota, Motlav, Motu, Mouk-Aria, Mountain Koiali, Mouwase, Movima, Moyadan Itneg, Moyon Naga, Mozambican Sign Language, Mozarabic, Mpade, Mpalitjanh, Mpi, Mpiemo, Mpoto, Mpotovoro, Mpumpong, Mpuono, Mpur, Mro-Khimi Chin, Mru, Mser, Mt. Iraya Agta, Mt. Iriga Agta, Mualang, Mubami, Mubi, Muda, Mudbura, Mudburra, Mudhili Gadaba, Mudu Koraga, Muduga, Mufian, Mugom, Muinane, Mukha-Dora, Mukulu, Mulaha, Mulam, Mulao, Mulgi, Mullu Kurumba, Mullukmulluk, Muluridyi, Mum, Mumuye, Mün Chin, Muna, Munda, Munda languages, Mundabli, Mundang, Mundani, Mundari, Mundat, Mündü, Mundurukú, Mungaka, Munggui, Mungkip, Muniche, Munit, Munji, Munsee, Muong, Mur Pano, Muratayak, Murik (Malaysia), Murik (Papua New Guinea), Murkim, Murle, Murrinh-Patha, Mursi, Murui Huitoto, Murupi, Muruwari, Musak, Musar, Musasa, Musey, Musgu, Mushungulu, Musi, Muskum, Muslim Tat, Musom, Mussau-Emira, Muthuvan, Mutu, Muya, Muyang, Muyuw, Muzi, Mvanip, Mvuba, Mwaghavul, Mwali Comorian, Mwan, Mwani, Mwatebu, Mwera (Chimwera), Mwera (Nyasa), Mwimbi-Muthambi, Mycenaean Greek, Myene, Mysian, Mzieme Naga, N'Ko, N/u, Na, Ná-Meo, Naaba, Naami, Naasioi, Naba, Nabak, Nabi, Nachering, Nadëb, Nadruvian, Nafaanra, Nafi, Nafri, Nafusi, Naga Pidgin, Nagarchal, Nage, Nagumi, Nahali, Nahari, Nahuatl languages, Nai, Najdi Arabic, Naka'ela, Nakai, Nakame, Nakanai, Nakara, Nake, Naki, Nakwi, Nalca, Nali, Nalik, Nalögo, Nalu, Naluo Yi, Nama (Papua New Guinea), Namakura, Namat, Nambo, Nambya, Namia, Namiae, Namibian Sign Language, Namla, Namo, Namonuito, Namosi-Naitasiri-Serua, Namuyi, Nanai, Nancere, Nande, Nandi, Nanerigé Sénoufo, Nanga Dama Dogon, Nankina, Nanti, Nanticoke, Nanubae, Napo Lowland Quechua, Napu, Nar Phu, Nara, Narak, Narango, Narau, Nari Nari, Narim, Naro, Narom, Narragansett, Narrinyeri, Narua, Narungga, Nasal, Nasarian, Naskapi, Natagaimas, Natanzi, Nataoran Amis, Natchez, Nateni, Nathembo, Natioro, Natügu, Nauete, Naukan Yupik, Nauna, Nauo, Navut, Nawaru, Nawathinehena, Nawdm, Nawuri, Naxi, Naxi, Nayi, Nayini, Ncane, Nchumbulu, Nda'nda', Ndai, Ndaka, Ndaktup, Ndali, Ndam, Ndamba, Ndambomo, Ndasa, Ndau, Nde-Gbite, Nde-Nsele-Nta, Ndemli, Ndendeule, Ndengereko, Nding, Ndo, Ndobo, Ndoe, Ndogo, Ndolo, Ndom, Ndombe, Ndonde Hamba, Ndoola, Ndra'ngith, Nduga, Ndumu, Ndunda, Ndunga, Ndut, Ndyuka-Trio Pidgin, Ndzwani Comorian, Neapolitan, Nedebang, Nefamese, Negerhollands, Negeri Sembilan Malay, Negidal, Nehan, Nek, Nekgini, Neko, Neku, Nêlêmwa-Nixumwak, Nema, Neme, Nemi, Nen, Nend, Nenets, Nengone, Neo, Neo-Hittite, Nepalese Sign Language, Nepali (individual language), Nepali Kurux, Nete, New Caledonian Javanese, New Zealand Sign Language, Newari, Neyo, Nez Perce, Ngaanyatjarra, Ngäbere, Ngad'a, Ngadjunmaya, Ngadjuri, Ngaing, Ngaju, Ngala, Ngalakan, Ngalum, Ngam, Ngamambo, Ngambay, Ngamini, Ngamo, Ngan'gityemerri, Nganakarti, Nganasan, Ngandi, Ngando (Central African Republic), Ngando (Democratic Republic of Congo), Ngandyera, Ngangam, Ngantangarra, Nganyaywana, Ngardi, Ngarigu, Ngarinman, Ngarinyin, Ngarla, Ngarla, Ngarluma, Ngas, Ngasa, Ngatik Men's Creole, Ngawn Chin, Ngawun, Ngayawung, Ngazidja Comorian, Ngbaka, Ngbaka Ma'bo, Ngbaka Manza, Ngbee, Ngbinda, Ngbundu, Ngelima, Ngemba, Ngeq, Ngete, Nggem, Nggwahyi, Ngie, Ngiemboon, Ngile, Ngindo, Ngiti, Ngizim, Ngkâlmpw Kanum, Ngom, Ngomba, Ngombale, Ngombe (Central African Republic), Ngombe (Democratic Republic of Congo), Ngong, Ngongo, Ngoni, Ngoshie, Ngul, Ngulu, Nguluwan, Ngumbi, Ngunawal, Ngundi, Ngundu, Ngungwel, Nguôn, Ngura, Ngurimi, Ngurmbur, Ngwaba, Ngwe, Ngwo, Nhanda, Nhengatu, Nhirrpi, Nhuwala, Nias, Nicaragua Creole English, Nicaraguan Sign Language, Niellim, Niger-Kordofanian languages, Nigeria Mambila, Nigerian Fulfulde, Nigerian Pidgin, Nigerian Sign Language, Nihali, Nii, Nijadali, Niksek, Nila, Nilamba, Nilo-Saharan languages, Nimadi, Nimanbur, Nimbari, Nimboran, Nimi, Nimo, Nimoa, Ninam, Nindi, Ningera, Ninggerum, Ningil, Ningye, Ninia Yali, Ninzo, Nipsan, Nisa, Nisenan, Nisga'a, Nisi (China), Nisi (India), Niuafo'ou, Niuatoputapu, Niuean, Nivaclé, Niwer Mil, Njalgulgule, Njebi, Njen, Njerep, Njyem, Nkami, Nkangala, Nkari, Nkem-Nkum, Nkhumbi, Nkongho, Nkonya, Nkoroo, Nkoya, Nkukoli, Nkutu, Nnam, Nobiin, Nobonob, Nocamán, Nocte Naga, Nogai, Noiri, Nokuku, Nomaande, Nomane, Nomatsiguenga, Nomlaki, Nomu, Nong Zhuang, Nonuya, Nooksack, Noon, Noone, Nootka, Nopala Chatino, Noric, Norn, Norra, North Alaskan Inupiatun, North Ambrym, North American Indian languages, North Asmat, North Awyu, North Azerbaijani, North Babar, North Bolivian Quechua, North Central Mixe, North Efate, North Fali, North Giziga, North Junín Quechua, North Levantine Arabic, North Marquesan, North Mesopotamian Arabic, North Mofu, North Moluccan Malay, North Muyu, North Nuaulu, North Picene, North Slavey, North Tairora, North Tanna, North Wahgi, North Watut, Northeast Kiwai, Northeast Maidu, Northeast Pashai, Northeastern Dinka, Northeastern Pomo, Northeastern Thai, Northern Alta, Northern Altai, Northern Amami-Oshima, Northern Betsimisaraka Malagasy, Northern Binukidnon, Northern Bobo Madaré, Northern Bontok, Northern Catanduanes Bikol, Northern Conchucos Ancash Quechua, Northern Dagara, Northern Dong, Northern East Cree, Northern Emberá, Northern Frisian, Northern Ghale, Northern Gondi, Northern Grebo, Northern Guiyang Hmong, Northern Haida, Northern Hindko, Northern Huishui Hmong, Northern Kalapuya, Northern Kankanay, Northern Khmer, Northern Kissi, Northern Kurdish, Northern Luri, Northern Mashan Hmong, Northern Muji, Northern Nago, Northern Ngbandi, Northern Nisu, Northern Nuni, Northern Oaxaca Nahuatl, Northern Ohlone, Northern One, Northern Paiute, Northern Pame, Northern Pashto, Northern Pastaza Quichua, Northern Pomo, Northern Puebla Nahuatl, Northern Pumi, Northern Qiandong Miao, Northern Qiang, Northern Rengma Naga, Northern Roglai, Northern Sierra Miwok, Northern Sorsoganon, Northern Subanen, Northern Tarahumara, Northern Tepehuan, Northern Thai, Northern Tidung, Northern Tiwa, Northern Tlaxiaco Mixtec, Northern Toussian, Northern Tujia, Northern Tutchone, Northern Uzbek, Northern Yukaghir, Northwest Alaska Inupiatun, Northwest Gbaya, Northwest Maidu, Northwest Oaxaca Mixtec, Northwest Pashai, Northwestern Dinka, Northwestern Fars, Northwestern Kolami, Northwestern Nisu, Northwestern Ojibwa, Northwestern Tamang, Norwegian Sign Language, Notre, Notsi, Nottoway, Nottoway-Meherrin, Novial, Noy, Nsenga, Nshi, Nsongo, Ntcham, Ntomba, Nubaca, Nubi, Nubian languages, Nubri, Nuer, Nugunu (Australia), Nugunu (Cameroon), Nuk, Nukak Makú, Nukna, Nukuini, Nukumanu, Nukunul, Nukuoro, Nukuria, Numana-Nunku-Gbantu-Numbu, Numanggang, Numbami, Nume, Numèè, Numidian, Nung (Viet Nam), Nungali, Nunggubuyu, Nungu, Nupbikha, Nupe-Nupe-Tako, Nüpode Huitoto, Nusa Laut, Nusu, Nuu-chah-nulth, Nyabwa, Nyaheun, Nyahkur, Nyakyusa-Ngonde, Nyâlayu, Nyali, Nyam, Nyamal, Nyambo, Nyamusa-Molo, Nyamwanga, Nyamwezi, Nyaneka, Nyang'i, Nyanga, Nyanga-li, Nyangatom, Nyangbo, Nyangga, Nyangumarta, Nyankole, Nyankpa, Nyarafolo Senoufo, Nyaturu, Nyaw, Nyawaygi, Nyemba, Nyengo, Nyenkha, Nyeu, Nyigina, Nyiha (Malawi), Nyiha (Tanzania), Nyika (Malawi and Zambia), Nyika (Tanzania), Nyindrou, Nyindu, Nyishi, Nyiyaparli, Nyokon, Nyole, Nyong, Nyore, Nyoro, Nyulnyul, Nyunga, Nyungwe, Nzakambay, Nzakara, Nzanyi, Nzima, O'chi'chi', O'du, Obanliku, Obispeño, Oblo, Obo Manobo, Obokuitai, Obolo, Obulom, Ocaina, Ocotepec Mixtec, Ocotlán Zapotec, Od, Odia, Odiai, Odoodee, Odual, Odut, Ofayé, Official Aramaic (700-300 BCE), Ofo, Ogbah, Ogbia, Ogbogolo, Ogbronuagum, Ogea, Oirata, Ojitlán Chinantec, Okanagan, Oki-No-Erabu, Okiek, Oko-Eni-Osayen, Oko-Juwoi, Okobo, Okodia, Okolod, Okpamheri, Okpe (Northwestern Edo), Okpe (Southwestern Edo), Oksapmin, Oku, Old Aramaic (up to 700 BCE), Old Avar, Old Breton, Old Burmese, Old Chinese, Old Cornish, Old Dutch, Old English (ca. 450-1100), Old French (842-ca. 1400), Old Frisian, Old Georgian, Old High German (ca. 750-1050), Old Hittite, Old Hungarian, Old Irish (to 900), Old Japanese, Old Kentish Sign Language, Old Korean (3rd-9th cent.), Old Lithuanian, Old Manipuri, Old Marathi, Old Mon, Old Norse, Old Nubian, Old Ossetic, Old Persian (ca. 600-400 B.C.), Old Provençal (to 1500), Old Russian, Old Saxon, Old Spanish, Old Tamil, Old Tibetan, Old Turkish, Old Uighur, Old Welsh, Olekha, Olkol, Olo, Oloma, Olrat, Olu'bo, Olulumo-Ikom, Oluta Popoluca, Omagua, Omaha-Ponca, Omani Arabic, Omati, Ombamba, Ombo, Omejes, Ometepec Nahuatl, Omi, Ömie, Omok, Omotik, Omurano, Ona, Oneida, Ong, Önge, Onin, Onin Based Pidgin, Onjob, Ono, Onobasulu, Onondaga, Ontenu, Ontong Java, Oorlams, Opao, Opata, Opuuo, Orang Kanaq, Orang Seletar, Oraon Sadri, Orejón, Oring, Orizaba Nahuatl, Orma, Ormu, Ormuri, Oro, Oro Win, Oroch, Oroha, Orok, Orokaiva, Oroko, Orokolo, Oroqen, Orowe, Oruma, Orya, Osage, Osatu, Oscan, Osing, Ososo, Ot Danum, Otank, Oti, Otomian languages, Otoro, Ottawa, Ottoman Turkish (1500-1928), Otuho, Otuke, Ouma, Oune, Övdalian, Owa, Owenia, Owiniga, Oy, Oya'oya, Oyda, Ozolotepec Zapotec, Ozumacín Chinantec, Pa Di, Pa'a, Pa'o Karen, Pa-Hng, Pááfang, Paakantyi, Paama, Paasaal, Pacahuara, Pacaraos Quechua, Pacific Gulf Yupik, Pacoh, Padoe, Paekche, Paelignian, Páez, Pagi, Pagibete, Pagu, Pahanan Agta, Pahari-Potwari, Pahi, Pahlavani, Pahlavi, Pai Tavytera, Paicî, Paipai, Paite Chin, Paiwan, Pak-Tong, Pakaásnovos, Pakanha, Pakistan Sign Language, Paku, Paku Karen, Paku Karen, Pal, Palaic, Palaka Senoufo, Palantla Chinantec, Palauan, Paleni, Palenquero, Palikúr, Paliyan, Pallanganmiddang, Palor, Palpa, Palu, Palu'e, Paluan, Palumata, Palya Bareli, Pam, Pambia, Pamlico, Pamona, Pamosu, Pampanga, Pamplona Atta, Pana (Burkina Faso), Pana (Central African Republic), Panamanian Sign Language, Panamint, Panang, Panao Huánuco Quechua, Panará, Panasuan, Panawa, Pancana, Panchpargania, Pande, Pangasinan, Pangseng, Pangutaran Sama, Pangwa, Pangwali, Panim, Paniya, Pankararé, Pankararú, Pankhu, Pannei, Pano, Panoan Katukína, Panobo, Panyi Bai, Panytyima, Pao, Papantla Totonac, Papapana, Papar, Papasena, Papel, Papi, Papiamento, Papitalai, Papora, Papua New Guinean Sign Language, Papuan languages, Papuan Malay, Papuma, Pará Arára, Pará Gavião, Para Naga, Parachi, Paraguayan Guaraní, Paraguayan Sign Language, Parakanã, Paranan, Paranawát, Paraujano, Parauk, Parawen, Pardhan, Pardhi, Pare, Parecís, Parenga, Päri, Parkari Koli, Parkwa, Parsi, Parsi-Dari, Parthian, Parya, Pasi, Pass Valley Yali, Patamona, Patani, Pataxó Hã-Ha-Hãe, Patep, Pathiya, Patpatar, Pattani, Pattani Malay, Pattapu, Patwin, Paulohi, Paumarí, Paunaka, Pauri Bareli, Pauserna, Pawaia, Pawnee, Paynamar, Pe, Pear, Pech, Pecheneg, Pedi, Peere, Pei, Pekal, Pela, Pele-Ata, Pelende, Pemon, Pémono, Penang Sign Language, Penchal, Pendau, Pengo, Pennsylvania German, Peñoles Mixtec, Penrhyn, Pentlatch, Perai, Peranakan Indonesian, Peripheral Mongolian, Pero, Persian Sign Language, Peruvian Sign Language, Petapa Zapotec, Petats, Petjo, Pévé, Pfaelzisch, Phai, Phake, Phala, Phalura, Phana', Phangduwali, Phende, Philippine languages, Philippine Sign Language, Phimbi, Phoenician, Phola, Pholo, Phom Naga, Phong-Kniang, Phrae Pwo Karen, Phrygian, Phu Thai, Phuan, Phudagi, Phuie, Phukha, Phuma, Phunoi, Phuong, Phupa, Phupha, Phuza, Piamatsina, Piame, Piapoco, Piaroa, Picard, Pichis Ashéninka, Pictish, Pidgin Delaware, Piemontese, Pijao, Pije, Pijin, Pilagá, Pileni, Pima Bajo, Pimbwe, Pinai-Hagahai, Pingelapese, Pini, Pinigura, Pinjarup, Pinji, Pinotepa Nacional Mixtec, Pintiini, Pintupi-Luritja, Pinyin, Pipil, Pirahã, Piratapuyo, Pirlatapa, Piro, Pirriya, Piru, Pisabo, Pisaflores Tepehua, Piscataway, Pisidian, Pitcairn-Norfolk, Pite Sami, Piti, Pitjantjatjara, Pitta Pitta, Piu, Piya-Kwonci, Plains Cree, Plains Indian Sign Language, Plains Miwok, Plapo Krumen, Plateau Malagasy, Plautdietsch, Playero, Pnar, Pochuri Naga, Pochutec, Podena, Pogolo, Pohnpeian, Pokangá, Poke, Pokomo, Pökoot, Polabian, Polari, Polci, Polish Sign Language, Polonombauk, Pom, Pomo, Ponam, Ponares, Pongu, Pongyong, Ponosakan, Pontic, Ponyo-Gongwang Naga, Popti', Poqomam, Poqomchi', Porohanon, Port Sandwich, Port Vato, Portuguese Sign Language, Potawatomi, Potiguára, Pottangi Ollar Gadaba, Poumei Naga, Pouye, Powari, Powhatan, Poyanáwa, Prakrit languages, Prasuni, Pray 3, Primitive Irish, Principense, Providencia Sign Language, Prussian, Psikye, Pu Ko, Pu-Xian Chinese, Puare, Pudtol Atta, Puelche, Puerto Rican Sign Language, Puimei Naga, Puinave, Pukapuka, Pulaar, Pulabu, Pular, Puluwatese, Puma, Pumé, Pumpokol, Punan Aput, Punan Bah-Biau, Punan Batu 1, Punan Merah, Punan Merap, Punan Tubu, Punic, Puno Quechua, Punthamara, Punu, Puoc, Puquina, Puragi, Purari, Purepecha, Puri, Purik, Purisimeño, Puroik, Puruborá, Purum, Purum Naga, Putai, Putoh, Putukwam, Puyo, Puyo-Paekche, Puyuma, Pwaamei, Pwapwâ, Pwo Eastern Karen, Pwo Northern Karen, Pwo Western Karen, Pyapun, Pye Krumen, Pyen, Pyu (Myanmar), Pyu (Papua New Guinea), Q'anjob'al, Qabiao, Qaqet, Qashqa'i, Qatabanian, Qau, Qawasqar, Qila Muji, Qimant, Qiubei Zhuang, Quapaw, Quebec Sign Language, Quechan, Quenya, Querétaro Otomi, Quetzaltepec Mixe, Queyu, Quiavicuzas Zapotec, Quileute, Quinault, Quinqui, Quioquitani-Quierí Zapotec, Quiotepec Chinantec, Quiripi, Rabha, Rade, Raetic, Rahambuu, Rajah Kabunsuwan Manobo, Rajasthani, Rajbanshi, Raji, Rajong, Rajput Garasia, Rakahanga-Manihiki, Rakhine, Ralte, Rama, Ramoaaina, Ramopa, Rampi, Rana Tharu, Rang, Rangkas, Ranglong, Rangpuri, Rao, Rapa, Rapanui, Rapoisi, Rapting, Rara Bakati', Rarotongan, Rasawa, Ratagnon, Ratahan, Rathawi, Rathwi Bareli, Raute, Ravula, Rawa, Rawang, Rawat, Rawngtu Chin, Rawo, Rayón Zoque, Razajerdi, Rāziḥī, Red Gelao, Reel, Rejang, Rejang Kayan, Reli, Rema, Rembarunga, Rembong, Remo, Remontado Dumagat, Rempi, Remun, Rendille, Rengao, Rennell-Bellona, Rennellese Sign Language, Repanbitip, Rer Bare, Rerau, Rerep, Reshe, Resígaro, Retta, Réunion Creole French, Reyesano, Riang (India), Riang (Myanmar), Riantana, Ribun, Rien, Rikbaktsa, Rincón Zapotec, Rinconada Bikol, Ringgou, Ririo, Ritarungo, Riung, Riverain Sango, Rogo, Rohingya, Roma, Romagnol, Romam, Romance languages, Romanian Sign Language, Romano-Greek, Romano-Serbian, Romanova, Romany, Romblomanon, Rombo, Romkun, Ron, Ronga, Rongga, Rongmei Naga, Rongpo, Ronji, Roon, Roria, Rotokas, Rotuman, Roviana, Ruching Palaung, Rudbari, Rufiji, Ruga, Rukai, Ruma, Rumai Palaung, Rumu, Runa, Runga, Rungtu Chin, Rungus, Rungwa, Russia Buriat, Russian Sign Language, Rusyn, Rutul, Ruuli, Ruund, Rwa, S'gaw Karen, Sa, Sa'a, Sa'ban, Sa'och, Saafi-Saafi, Saam, Saamia, Saaroa, Saba, Sabaean, Sabah Bisaya, Sabah Malay, Sabanê, Sabaot, Sabine, Sabu, Sabüm, Sacapulteco, Sadri, Saek, Saep, Safaliba, Safeyoka, Safwa, Sagala, Sagalla, Saho, Sahu, Saidi Arabic, Saint Lucian Creole French, Saisiyat, Sajalong, Sajau Basap, Sakachep, Sakalava Malagasy, Sakao, Sakata, Sake, Sakirabiá, Sala, Salampasu, Salar, Salas, Salasaca Highland Quichua, Salchuq, Saleman, Saliba, Sáliba, Salinan, Salishan languages, Sallands, Salt-Yui, Saluan, Salumá, Salvadoran Sign Language, Sam, Sama, Samaritan, Samaritan Aramaic, Samarokena, Samatao, Samay, Samba, Samba Daka, Samba Leko, Sambal, Sambalpuri, Sambe, Samberigi, Samburu, Samei, Sami languages, Samo, Samogitian, Samosa, Sampang, Samre, Samtao, Samvedi, San Agustín Mixtepec Zapotec, San Baltazar Loxicha Zapotec, San Blas Kuna, San Dionisio Del Mar Huave, San Felipe Otlaltepec Popoloca, San Francisco Del Mar Huave, San Francisco Matlatzinca, San Jerónimo Tecóatl Mazatec, San Juan Atzingo Popoloca, San Juan Colorado Mixtec, San Juan Teita Mixtec, San Luís Temalacayuca Popoloca, San Marcos Tlacoyalco Popoloca, San Martín Itunyoso Triqui, San Martín Quechua, San Mateo Del Mar Huave, San Miguel Creole French, San Miguel El Grande Mixtec, San Miguel Piedras Mixtec, San Pedro Amuzgos Amuzgo, San Pedro Quiatoni Zapotec, San Salvador Kongo, San Vicente Coatlán Zapotec, Sanaani Arabic, Sanapaná, Sanapaná, Sandawe, Sanga (Democratic Republic of Congo), Sanga (Nigeria), Sanggau, Sangil, Sangir, Sangisari, Sangkong, Sanglechi, Sangtam Naga, Sangu (Gabon), Sangu (Tanzania), Sani, Sanie, Saniyo-Hiyewe, Sankaran Maninka, Sansi, Sansu, Santa Ana de Tusi Pasco Quechua, Santa Catarina Albarradas Zapotec, Santa Inés Ahuatempan Popoloca, Santa Inés Yatzechi Zapotec, Santa Lucía Monteverde Mixtec, Santa María Del Mar Huave, Santa María La Alta Nahuatl, Santa María Quiegolani Zapotec, Santa María Zacatepec Mixtec, Santa Teresa Cora, Santali, Santiago del Estero Quichua, Santiago Xanica Zapotec, Santo Domingo Albarradas Zapotec, Sanumá, São Paulo Kaingáng, Sãotomense, Saparua, Sapé, Sapo, Saponi, Saposa, Sapuan, Sar, Sara, Sara Dunjo, Sara Kaba, Sara Kaba Deme, Sara Kaba Náà, Saraiki, Saramaccan, Sarangani Blaan, Sarangani Manobo, Sarasira, Saraveca, Sari, Sarikoli, Sarli, Sarsi, Sartang, Sarua, Sarudu, Saruga, Sasak, Sasaru, Sassarese Sardinian, Satawalese, Sateré-Mawé, Saterfriesisch, Saudi Arabian Sign Language, Sauraseni Prākrit, Saurashtra, Sauri, Sauria Paharia, Sause, Sausi, Savara, Savi, Savosavo, Sawai, Saweru, Sawi, Sawila, Sawknah, Saxwe Gbe, Saya, Sayula Popoluca, Scots, Scythian, Sea Island Creole English, Seba, Sebat Bet Gurage, Seberuang, Sebop, Sebuyau, Sechelt, Secoya, Sedang, Sedoa, Seeku, Segai, Segeju, Seget, Sehwi, Seimat, Seit-Kaitetu, Sekani, Sekapan, Sekar, Seke (Nepal), Seke (Vanuatu), Sekele, Seki, Seko Padang, Seko Tengah, Sekpele, Selangor Sign Language, Selaru, Selayar, Selee, Selepet, Selian, Selkup, Selungai Murut, Seluwasan, Semai, Semandang, Semaq Beri, Sembakung Murut, Semelai, Semimi, Semitic languages, Semnam, Semnani, Sempan, Sena, Senara Sénoufo, Senaya, Sene, Seneca, Sened, Sengele, Senggi, Sengo, Sengseng, Senhaja De Srair, Sensi, Sentani, Senthang Chin, Sentinel, Sepa (Indonesia), Sepa (Papua New Guinea), Sepik Iwam, Sera, Sere, Serer, Seri, Serili, Seroa, Serrano, Seru, Serua, Serudung Murut, Serui-Laut, Seselwa Creole French, Seta, Setaman, Seti, Settla, Severn Ojibwa, Sewa Bay, Seze, Sha, Shabak, Shahmirzadi, Shahrudi, Shall-Zwall, Shama-Sambuga, Shamang, Shambala, Shan, Shanenawa, Shanga, Sharanahua, Shark Bay, Sharwa, Shasta, Shatt, Shau, Shawnee, She, Shehri, Shekhawati, Shekkacho, Sheko, Shelta, Shempire Senoufo, Shendu, Sheni, Sherbro, Sherdukpen, Sherpa, Sheshi Kham, Shi, Shihhi Arabic, Shiki, Shilluk, Shina, Shinabo, Shipibo-Conibo, Shixing, Sholaga, Shom Peng, Shoo-Minda-Nye, Shor, Shoshoni, Shua, Shuadit, Shuar, Shubi, Shughni, Shumashti, Shumcho, Shuswap, Shuwa-Zamani, Shwai, Shwe Palaung, Sialum, Siamou, Sian, Siane, Siang, Siar-Lak, Siawi, Sibe, Siberian Tatar, Sibu Melanau, Sicanian, Sicel, Sicilian, Sìcìté Sénoufo, Siculo Arabic, Sidamo, Sidetic, Sie, Sierra de Juárez Zapotec, Sierra Leone Sign Language, Sierra Negra Nahuatl, Sighu, Sign Languages, Sihan, Sihuas Ancash Quechua, Sika, Sikaiana, Sikaritai, Sikiana, Sikkimese, Siksika, Sikule, Sila, Silacayoapan Mixtec, Sileibi, Silesian, Silimo, Siliput, Silopi, Silt'e, Simaa, Simba, Simbali, Simbari, Simbo, Simeku, Simeulue, Simte, Sinagen, Sinasina, Sinaugoro, Sindarin, Sindhi Bhil, Sindihui Mixtec, Singa, Singapore Sign Language, Singpho, Sinicahua Mixtec, Sininkere, Sino-Tibetan languages, Sinsauru, Sinte Romani, Sinyar, Sio, Siona, Siouan languages, Sipacapense, Sira, Siraya, Sirenik Yupik, Siri, Siriano, Sirionó, Sirmauri, Siroi, Sissala, Sissano, Siuslaw, Sivandi, Siwai, Siwi, Siwu, Siyin Chin, Skagit, Skalvian, Skepi Creole Dutch, Skolt Sami, Skou, Slave (Athapascan), Slavic languages, Slavomolisano, Slovakian Sign Language, Small Flowery Miao, Smärky Kanum, Snohomish, Sô, So (Democratic Republic of Congo), So'a, Sobei, Sochiapam Chinantec, Soga, Sogdian, Soi, Sok, Sokoro, Solano, Soli, Solong, Solos, Som, Somba-Siawari, Somrai, Somray, Somyev, Sonaga, Sonde, Songa, Songe, Songhai languages, Songlai Chin, Songo, Songomeno, Songoora, Sonha, Sonia, Soninke, Sonsorol, Soo, Sop, Soqotri, Sora, Sorbian languages, Sori-Harengan, Sorkhei, Sorothaptic, Sorsogon Ayta, Sos Kundi, Sota Kanum, Sou, Sou Nama, Sou Upaa, South African Sign Language, South American Indian (Other), South Awyu, South Azerbaijani, South Bolivian Quechua, South Central Banda, South Central Dinka, South Efate, South Fali, South Giziga, South Lembata, South Levantine Arabic, South Marquesan, South Muyu, South Nuaulu, South Picene, South Slavey, South Tairora, South Ucayali Ashéninka, South Watut, South Wemale, South West Bay, Southeast Ambrym, Southeast Babar, Southeast Ijo, Southeast Pashai, Southeastern Dinka, Southeastern Ixtlán Zapotec, Southeastern Kolami, Southeastern Nochixtlán Mixtec, Southeastern Pomo, Southeastern Puebla Nahuatl, Southeastern Tarahumara, Southeastern Tepehuan, Southern Alta, Southern Altai, Southern Amami-Oshima, Southern Aymara, Southern Bai, Southern Balochi, Southern Betsimisaraka Malagasy, Southern Betsimisaraka Malagasy, Southern Binukidnon, Southern Birifor, Southern Bobo Madaré, Southern Bontok, Southern Carrier, Southern Catanduanes Bikol, Southern Conchucos Ancash Quechua, Southern Dagaare, Southern Dong, Southern East Cree, Southern Ghale, Southern Gondi, Southern Grebo, Southern Guiyang Hmong, Southern Haida, Southern Hindko, Southern Kalapuya, Southern Kalinga, Southern Kisi, Southern Kiwai, Southern Kurdish, Southern Lolopo, Southern Luri, Southern Ma'di, Southern Mashan Hmong, Southern Mnong, Southern Muji, Southern Nago, Southern Nambikuára, Southern Ngbandi, Southern Nicobarese, Southern Nisu, Southern Nuni, Southern Ohlone, Southern One, Southern Pame, Southern Pashto, Southern Pastaza Quechua, Southern Pomo, Southern Puebla Mixtec, Southern Puget Sound Salish, Southern Pumi, Southern Qiandong Miao, Southern Qiang, Southern Rengma Naga, Southern Rincon Zapotec, Southern Roglai, Southern Sama, Southern Sami, Southern Samo, Southern Sierra Miwok, Southern Sorsoganon, Southern Subanen, Southern Thai, Southern Tidung, Southern Tiwa, Southern Toussian, Southern Tujia, Southern Tutchone, Southern Uzbek, Southern Yamphu, Southern Yukaghir, Southwest Gbaya, Southwest Palawano, Southwest Pashai, Southwest Tanna, Southwestern Bontok, Southwestern Dinka, Southwestern Fars, Southwestern Guiyang Hmong, Southwestern Huishui Hmong, Southwestern Nisu, Southwestern Tamang, Southwestern Tarahumara, Southwestern Tepehuan, Southwestern Tlaxiaco Mixtec, Sowa, Sowanda, Soyaltepec Mazatec, Soyaltepec Mixtec, Spanish Sign Language, Spiti Bhoti, Spokane, Squamish, Sranan Tongo, Sri Lankan Creole Malay, Sri Lankan Sign Language, Standard Arabic, Standard Estonian, Standard Latvian, Standard Malay, Standard Moroccan Tamazight, Stellingwerfs, Stod Bhoti, sTodsde, Stoney, Straits Salish, Suabo, Suarmin, Suau, Suba, Suba-Simbiti, Subi, Subiya, Subtiaba, Sudanese Arabic, Sudanese Creole Arabic, Sudest, Sudovian, Suena, Suga, Suganga, Sugut Dusun, Sui, Suki, Suku, Sukuma, Sukur, Sukurum, Sula, Sulka, Sulod, Suma, Sumariup, Sumau, Sumbawa, Sumbwa, Sumerian, Sumi Naga, Sumtu Chin, Sunam, Sunwar, Suoy, Supyire Senoufo, Sur, Surbakhal, Surgujia, Suri, Surigaonon, Surjapuri, Sursurunga, Suruahá, Surubu, Suruí, Suruí Do Pará, Susquehannock, Susu, Susuami, Suundi, Suwawa, Suyá, Svan, Swabian, Swahili (individual language), Swampy Cree, Swedish Sign Language, Swiss German, Swiss-French Sign Language, Swiss-German Sign Language, Swiss-Italian Sign Language, Swo, Syenara Senoufo, Sylheti, Syriac, T'en, Ta'izzi-Adeni Arabic, Taabwa, Tabaa Zapotec, Tabaru, Tabasco Chontal, Tabasco Nahuatl, Tabasco Zoque, Tabassaran, Tabla, Tabo, Tabriak, Tacahua Mixtec, Tacana, Tachawit, Tachelhit, Tachoni, Tadaksahak, Tadyawan, Tae', Tafi, Tagabawa, Tagakaulo, Tagal Murut, Tagalaka, Tagargrent, Tagbanwa, Tagbu, Tagdal, Tagin, Tagish, Tagoi, Tagwana Senoufo, Tahaggart Tamahaq, Tahltan, Tai, Tai Daeng, Tai Dam, Tai Do, Tai Dón, Tai Hang Tong, Tai Hongjin, Tai Laing, Tai languages, Tai Loi, Tai Long, Tai Mène, Tai Nüa, Tai Pao, Tai Thanh, Tai Ya, Taiap, Taikat, Tainae, Taino, Tairaha, Tairuma, Taita, Taiwan Sign Language, Taje, Tajiki Arabic, Tajio, Tajuasohn, Takelma, Takestani, Takia, Takpa, Takua, Takuu, Takwane, Tal, Tala, Talaud, Taliabu, Talieng, Talinga-Bwisi, Talise, Talodi, Taloki, Talondo', Talossan, Talu, Talur, Talysh, Tama (Chad), Tama (Colombia), Tamagario, Taman (Indonesia), Taman (Myanmar), Tamanaku, Tamashek, Tamasheq, Tamazola Mixtec, Tambas, Tambora, Tambotalo, Tambunan Dusun, Tami, Tamki, Tamnim Citak, Tampias Lobu, Tampuan, Tampulma, Tanacross, Tanahmerah, Tanaina, Tanapag, Tandaganon, Tandia, Tandroy-Mahafaly Malagasy, Tanema, Tangale, Tangchangya, Tangga, Tanggu, Tangkhul Naga (India), Tangkhul Naga (Myanmar), Tangko, Tanglang, Tangoa, Tanguat, Tangut, Tanimbili, Tanimuca-Retuarã, Tanjijili, Tanosy Malagasy, Tanudan Kalinga, Tanzanian Sign Language, Tapeba, Tapei, Tapieté, Tapirapé, Tarao Naga, Tareng, Tariana, Tarifit, Tarjumo, Tarok, Taroko, Tarpia, Tartessian, Taruma, Tasawaq, Tase Naga, Tasmanian, Tasmate, Tataltepec Chatino, Tatana, Tatuyo, Tauade, Taulil, Taungyo, Taupota, Tause, Taushiro, Tausug, Tauya, Taveta, Tavoyan, Tavringer Romani, Tawala, Tawallammat Tamajaq, Tawandê, Tawang Monpa, Tawara, Taworta, Tawoyan, Tawr Chin, Tày, Tay Boi, Tay Khang, Tày Sa Pa, Tày Tac, Tayabas Ayta, Tayart Tamajeq, Tayo, Taznatit, Tboli, Tchitchege, Tchumbuli, Te'un, Teanu, Tebul Sign Language, Tebul Ure Dogon, Tecpatlán Totonac, Tedaga, Tedim Chin, Tee, Téén, Tefaro, Tegali, Tehit, Tehuelche, Tejalapan Zapotec, Teke-Ebo, Teke-Fuumu, Teke-Kukuya, Teke-Laali, Teke-Nzikou, Teke-Tege, Teke-Tsaayi, Teke-Tyee, Tektiteko, Tela-Masbuar, Telefol, Tem, Temacine Tamazight, Temascaltepec Nahuatl, Tembé, Tembo (Kitembo), Tembo (Motembo), Teme, Temein, Temi, Temiar, Temoaya Otomi, Temoq, Tempasuk Dusun, Temuan, Ten'edn, Tena Lowland Quichua, Tenango Otomi, Tene Kan Dogon, Tenggarong Kutai Malay, Tengger, Tenharim, Tenino, Tenis, Tennet, Teop, Teor, Tepecano, Tepetotutla Chinantec, Tepeuxila Cuicatec, Tepinapa Chinantec, Tepo Krumen, Ter Sami, Tera, Terebu, Terei, Tereno, Teressa, Tereweng, Teribe, Terik, Termanu, Ternate, Ternateño, Tesaka Malagasy, Tese, Teshenawa, Teso, Tetela, Tetelcingo Nahuatl, Tetete, Tetum, Tetun Dili, Teutila Cuicatec, Tewa (Indonesia), Tewa (USA), Tewe, Texcatepec Otomi, Texistepec Popoluca, Texmelucan Zapotec, Tezoatlán Mixtec, Tha, Thachanadan, Thado Chin, Thai Sign Language, Thai Song, Thaiphum Chin, Thakali, Thangal Naga, Thangmi, Thao, Tharaka, Thawa, Thayore, Thaypan, The, Thiin, Tho, Thompson, Thopho, Thracian, Thu Lao, Thudam, Thulung, Thurawal, Thuri, Tiagbamrin Aizi, Tiale, Tiang, Tibea, Tichurong, Ticuna, Tidaá Mixtec, Tidikelt Tamazight, Tidong, Tidore, Tiéfo, Tiemacèwè Bozo, Tiene, Tiéyaxo Bozo, Tifal, Tigak, Tigon Mbembe, Tigre, Tii, Tijaltepec Mixtec, Tikar, Tikopia, Tilapa Otomi, Tillamook, Tilquiapan Zapotec, Tilung, Tima, Timbe, Timne, Timor Pidgin, Timucua, Timugon Murut, Tinani, Tindi, Tingal, Tingui-Boto, Tinigua, Tinoc Kallahan, Tinputz, Tippera, Tira, Tirahi, Tiranige Diga Dogon, Tiri, Tiruray, Tita, Titan, Tiv, Tiwa, Tiwi, Tjurruru, Tlachichilco Tepehua, Tlacoapa Me'phaa, Tlacoatzintepec Chinantec, Tlacolulita Zapotec, Tlahuitoltepec Mixe, Tlamacazapa Nahuatl, Tlazoyaltepec Mixtec, Tlingit, To, To'abaita, Toaripi, Toba, Toba-Maskoy, Tobagonian Creole English, Tobanga, Tobati, Tobelo, Tobian, Tobilung, Tobo, Tocantins Asurini, Tocho, Toda, Todrah, Tofanma, Tofin Gbe, Togbo-Vara Banda, Togoyo, Tohono O'odham, Tojolabal, Tok Pisin, Tokano, Tokelau, Tokharian A, Tokharian B, Toku-No-Shima, Tol, Tolaki, Tolomako, Tolowa, Toma, Tomadino, Tombelala, Tombonuo, Tombulu, Tomedes, Tomini, Tommo So Dogon, Tomo Kan Dogon, Tomoip, Tondano, Tondi Songway Kiini, Tonga (Nyasa), Tonga (Zambia), Tongwe, Tonjon, Tonkawa, Tonsawang, Tonsea, Tontemboan, Tooro, Topoiyo, Toposa, Torá, Toraja-Sa'dan, Toram, Torau, Tornedalen Finnish, Toro, Toro So Dogon, Toro Tegu Dogon, Toromono, Torona, Torres Strait Creole, Torricelli, Torwali, Tosk Albanian, Totela, Toto, Totoli, Totomachapan Zapotec, Totontepec Mixe, Totoro, Touo, Toura (Côte d'Ivoire), Toura (Papua New Guinea), Towei, Transalpine Gaulish, Traveller Danish, Traveller Norwegian, Traveller Scottish, Tregami, Tremembé, Trieng, Trimuris, Tring, Tringgus-Sembaan Bidayuh, Trinidad and Tobago Sign Language, Trinidadian Creole English, Trinitario, Trió, Truká, Trumai, Ts'ün-Lao, Tsaangi, Tsakhur, Tsakonian, Tsakwambo, Tsamai, Tsat, Tseku, Tsetsaut, Tshangla, Tsikimba, Tsimané, Tsimihety Malagasy, Tsimshian, Tsishingini, Tso, Tsoa, Tsogo, Tsotso, Tsou, Tsucuba, Tsum, Tsuvadi, Tsuvan, Tswa, Tswapong, Tu, Tuamotuan, Tubar, Tübatulabal, Tucano, Tugen, Tugun, Tugutil, Tukang Besi North, Tukang Besi South, Tuki, Tukpa, Tukudede, Tukumanféd, Tula, Tulehu, Tulishi, Tulu, Tulu-Bohuai, Tuma-Irumu, Tumak, Tumari Kanuri, Tumbuka, Tumi, Tumleo, Tumshuqese, Tumtum, Tumulung Sisaala, Tumzabt, Tundra Enets, Tunen, Tunen, Tungag, Tunggare, Tunia, Tunica, Tunisian Arabic, Tunisian Sign Language, Tunjung, Tunni, Tunzu, Tuotomb, Tuparí, Tupí, Tupi languages, Tupinambá, Tupinikin, Tupuri, Turaka, Turi, Turiwára, Turka, Turkana, Turkic Khalaj, Turkish Sign Language, Turks And Caicos Creole English, Turoyo, Turumsa, Turung, Tuscarora, Tutelo, Tutong, Tutsa Naga, Tutuba, Tututepec Mixtec, Tututni, Tuvalu, Tuvinian, Tuwali Ifugao, Tuwari, Tuwuli, Tuxá, Tuxináwa, Tuyuca, Twana, Twendi, Twents, Tyap, Tyaraity, Tz'utujil, Tzeltal, Tzotzil, U, Uab Meto, Uamué, Uare, Ubaghara, Ubang, Ubi, Ubir, Ubykh, Ucayali-Yurúa Ashéninka, Uda, Udi, Udihe, Udmurt, Uduk, Ufim, Ugandan Sign Language, Ugaritic, Ughele, Ugong, Uhami, Uisai, Ujir, Ukaan, Ukhwejo, Ukit, Ukpe-Bayobiri, Ukpet-Ehom, Ukrainian Sign Language, Ukue, Ukuriguma, Ukwa, Ukwuani-Aboh-Ndoni, Ulau-Suain, Ulch, Ulithian, Ullatan, Ulukwumi, Ulumanda', Ulwa, Uma, Uma' Lasan, Uma' Lung, Umanakaina, Umatilla, Umbindhamu, Umbrian, Umbu-Ungu, Umbugarla, Umbundu, Umbuygamu, Ume Sami, Umeda, Umiida, Umiray Dumaget Agta, Umon, Umotína, Umpila, Una, Unami, Unde Kaili, Uneapa, Uneme, Unggaranggu, Unggumi, Unserdeutsch, Unua, Unubahe, Uokha, Upper Chehalis, Upper Grand Valley Dani, Upper Guinea Crioulo, Upper Kinabatangan, Upper Kuskokwim, Upper Necaxa Totonac, Upper Saxon, Upper Sorbian, Upper Ta'oih, Upper Tanana, Upper Tanudan Kalinga, Upper Taromi, Upper Umpqua, Ura (Papua New Guinea), Ura (Vanuatu), Uradhi, Urak Lawoi', Urali, Urapmin, Urarina, Urartian, Urat, Urhobo, Uri, Urigina, Urim, Urimo, Uripiv-Wala-Rano-Atchin, Urningangg, Uru, Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau, Uru-Pa-In, Uruangnirin, Uruava, Urubú-Kaapor, Urubú-Kaapor Sign Language, Uruguayan Sign Language, Urum, Urumi, Usaghade, Usan, Usarufa, Ushojo, Usila Chinantec, Usku, Uspanteco, Usui, ut-Ma'in, Utarmbung, Ute-Southern Paiute, Utu, Uvbie, Uya, Uyajitaya, Uzbeki Arabic, Uzekwe, Vaagri Booli, Vafsi, Vaghat-Ya-Bijim-Legeri, Vaghri, Vaghua, Vagla, Vai, Vaiphei, Vale, Valencian Sign Language, Valle Nacional Chinantec, Valley Maidu, Valman, Valpei, Vamale, Vame, Vandalic, Vangunu, Vanimo, Vano, Vanuma, Vao, Varhadi-Nagpuri, Varisi, Varli, Vasavi, Veddah, Vehes, Veluws, Vemgo-Mabas, Venetian, Venetic, Venezuelan Sign Language, Vengo, Ventureño, Veps, Vera'a, Vestinian, Vidunda, Viemo, Vilela, Vili, Villa Viciosa Agta, Vincentian Creole English, Vinmavis, Vinza, Virgin Islands Creole English, Vishavan, Viti, Vitou, Vitu, Vlaams, Vlaamse Gebarentaal, Vlax Romani, Volscian, Vono, Voro, Võro, Votic, Vumbu, Vunapu, Vunjo, Vurës, Vute, Vwanji, Wa, Wa'ema, Waama, Waamwang, Waata, Wab, Wabo, Waboda, Waci Gbe, Wadaginam, Waddar, Wadi Wadi, Wadikali, Wadiyara Koli, Wadjabangayi, Wadjiginy, Wadjigu, Wae Rana, Waffa, Wagawaga, Wagaya, Wagdi, Wageman, Wagi, Wahau Kayan, Wahau Kenyah, Wahgi, Waigali, Waigeo, Wailaki, Wailapa, Waima, Waima'a, Waimaha, Waimiri-Atroari, Waioli, Waiwai, Waja, Wajarri, Wajuk, Waka, Wakabunga, Wakashan languages, Wakawaka, Wakde, Wakhi, Wakoná, Wala, Walak, Walangama, Wali (Ghana), Wali (Sudan), Waling, Walio, Walla Walla, Wallisian, Walmajarri, Walo Kumbe Dogon, Walser, Walungge, Wamas, Wambaya, Wambon, Wambule, Wamey, Wamin, Wampanoag, Wampar, Wampur, Wan, Wanambre, Wanap, Wancho Naga, Wanda, Wandala, Wandamen, Wandarang, Wandji, Wané, Waneci, Wanga, Wangaaybuwan-Ngiyambaa, Wanggamala, Wangganguru, Wanggom, Wangkayutyuru, Wangkumara, Wanman, Wannu, Wano, Wantoat, Wanukaka, Wanyi, Waorani, Wapan, Wãpha, Wapishana, Wappo, War-Jaintia, Wára, Wara, Warao, Warapu, Waray (Australia), Waray (Philippines), Wardaman, Wardandi, Warduji, Warembori, Wares, Waris, Waritai, Wariyangga, Warji, Warkay-Bipim, Warlmanpa, Warlpiri, Warluwara, Warnang, Waropen, Warrgamay, Warrwa, Waru, Warumungu, Waruna, Warungu, Warwar Feni, Wasa, Wasco-Wishram, Wasembo, Washo, Waskia, Wasu, Watakataui, Watam, Wathawurrung, Watiwa, Watubela, Waube, Waurá, Wauyai, Wawa, Wawonii, Waxianghua, Wayampi, Wayana, Wayanad Chetti, Wayoró, Wayu, Wayuu, Wè Northern, Wè Southern, Wè Western, Wedau, Weh, Wejewa, Weliki, Welsh Romani, Wemale, Wemba Wemba, Weme Gbe, Wergaia, Weri, Wersing, West Albay Bikol, West Ambae, West Berawan, West Central Banda, West Central Oromo, West Coast Bajau, West Damar, West Goodenough, West Kewa, West Lembata, West Makian, West Masela, West Tarangan, West Uvean, West Yugur, West-Central Limba, Western Abnaki, Western Apache, Western Arrarnta, Western Balochi, Western Bolivian Guaraní, Western Bru, Western Bukidnon Manobo, Western Cham, Western Dani, Western Durango Nahuatl, Western Fijian, Western Highland Chatino, Western Highland Purepecha, Western Huasteca Nahuatl, Western Juxtlahuaca Mixtec, Western Kanjobal, Western Karaboro, Western Katu, Western Kayah, Western Keres, Western Krahn, Western Lalu, Western Lawa, Western Magar, Western Maninkakan, Western Mari, Western Mashan Hmong, Western Meohang, Western Muria, Western Neo-Aramaic, Western Niger Fulfulde, Western Ojibwa, Western Panjabi, Western Parbate Kham, Western Penan, Western Sisaala, Western Subanon, Western Tamang, Western Tawbuid, Western Tlacolula Valley Zapotec, Western Totonac, Western Tunebo, Western Xiangxi Miao, Western Xwla Gbe, Western Yiddish, Westphalien, Wetamut, Wewaw, Weyto, White Gelao, White Lachi, Whitesands, Wiarumus, Wichí Lhamtés Güisnay, Wichí Lhamtés Nocten, Wichí Lhamtés Vejoz, Wichita, Wik-Epa, Wik-Iiyanh, Wik-Keyangan, Wik-Me'anha, Wik-Mungkan, Wik-Ngathana, Wikalkan, Wikngenchera, Wilawila, Wintu, Wintu, Winyé, Wipi, Wiradhuri, Wiraféd, Wirangu, Wirangu, Wiru, Wiyot, Woccon, Wogamusin, Wogeo, Woi, Woiwurrung, Wojenaka, Wolane, Wolani, Wolaytta, Woleaian, Wolio, Wom (Nigeria), Wom (Papua New Guinea), Womo, Wongo, Woods Cree, Woria, Worimi, Worodougou, Worora, Worrorra, Wotapuri-Katarqalai, Wotjobaluk, Wotu, Woun Meu, Written Oirat, Wu Chinese, Wuding-Luquan Yi, Wudu, Wuliwuli, Wulna, Wumboko, Wumbvu, Wumeng Nasu, Wunai Bunu, Wunambal, Wunumara, Wurrugu, Wusa Nasu, Wushi, Wusi, Wutung, Wutunhua, Wuvulu-Aua, Wuzlam, Wyandot, Wymysorys, Xaasongaxango, Xadani Zapotec, Xakriabá, Xamtanga, Xanaguía Zapotec, Xârâcùù, Xârâgurè, Xavánte, Xerénte, Xetá, Xiandao, Xiang Chinese, Xibe, Xicotepec De Juárez Totonac, Xinca, Xingú Asuriní, Xipaya, Xipináwa, Xiri, Xiriâna, Xishanba Lalo, Xokleng, Xukurú, Xwela Gbe, Yaaku, Yabaâna, Yabarana, Yabem, Yaben, 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Currency Shekel (short: ILS)
Common voltage (electricity) 230V - 50Hz
Used GSM Frequencies 900/1800/3G
International phone prefix +972
Internet Top Level Domain .il
Countrycode: ISO Alpha 2 IL
Countrycode: ISO Alpha 3 ISR
Countrycode: ISO Numeric 376

Environmental problems and natural hazzards

These are problems Israel is facing. Environmental issues refer to damages of the nature due to industry and society. Natural hazzards refer to potential dangers originating in nature.

Environmental problems

  • air pollution from industrial and vehicle emissions
  • and pesticides
  • chemical fertilizers
  • desertification
  • groundwater pollution from industrial and domestic waste
  • limited arable land and restricted natural freshwater resources

Natural hazzards

  • droughts
  • periodic earthquakes
  • sandstorms may occur during spring and summer

Top Industries and Agricultural Products

These are the main product industries and agricultural products of Israel. This list indicates what this country is good at producing.


  1. beverages
  2. caustic soda
  3. cement
  4. chemical products
  5. communications
  6. computer-aided design
  7. construction
  8. cut diamonds
  9. fiber optics
  10. food

Agriculture products

  1. beef
  2. citrus
  3. cotton
  4. dairy products
  5. poultry
  6. vegetables

Israeli Imports and Exports

These are the main product categories of imports and exports to and from Israel.

Export products

  1. agricultural products
  2. apparel
  3. chemicals
  4. cut diamonds
  5. equipment
  6. machinery
  7. software
  8. textiles

Import products

  1. consumer goods
  2. fuels
  3. grain
  4. investment goods
  5. military equipment
  6. raw materials
  7. rough diamonds

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current travel advisory for Israel?

Israel is currently rated at 4,2 out of a possible 5.0. Collected from 6 official sources. Please reconsider your need to travel to Israel.

Is it safe to travel Israel in 2024?

The score is rather high (4,2) and you should avoid all non-essential travel to Israel. Maybe pick another location.

How many travel advisories do you know for Israel?

We currently evaluate 11 official sources each morning. Today, we know of active advisories from 6 individual sources for Israel.

What is the current Corona virus situation in Israel?

There are currently no officially reported cases of infections with SARS-CoV-2 (or Coronavirus) in Israel. As reported by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control this morning (~8:30am CET). There are currently no officially reported deaths related to this disease in Israel.

What is the size of Israel?

Israel has a size of 20,770 km² or 8,019 mi² which is slightly larger than New Jersey.

Common Frequently Asked Questions

For non-country specific questions, please check our global F.A.Q.